Congrats, Cal Games!

Congratulations to the twenty-two teams that competed in WRRF’s Third Annual
California Robot Games! Thank you for making this such an enjoyable event,
and for the honor of having Pioneer HS host the games.
Congratulations to 254, 852, 100, 766,115, 668 on the first, second and third
ranks, respectively.
Congratulations to the awesome rookie-teams that competed, your standings
were impressive. Especially to Milpitas; a not-even-rookie team who built
their robot over the summer to compete in Cal Games, and to California School
for the Deaf.
Thanks everyone, for doing such a great job helping out, and for showing such
gracious professionalism.
Stephanie Studebaker
The Apes of Wrath

Here are the final results from the 2002 California Robot Games for the Zone Zeal Tournament and the 4 Side Events.

Congratulations to all 22 teams - it was the best Cal Games yet. The level of competition was great, attendance and media attention was great, the tournament and the side events were great. The overall quality and production of the event was really close to that of a FIRST Regional, and the working members of the WRRF who put it on should be very proud. To the hosts (668 - Pioneer), the WRRF, and all the volunteers - Great job!

Zone Zeal Tournament
Champions - 852, 254
2nd Place - 100, 766
3rd Place - 115, 668
4th Place - 846, 581

Speed Robot Scoring
Champion - 115
2nd Place - 852
3rd Place - 846

Robot Obstacle Course
Champion - 827
2nd Place - 254
3rd Place - 481

Robot Truck Pull
Champion - 100
2nd Place - 115
3rd Place - 254

Human Player Shootout
Champion - Milpitas High (2003 Rookie Team)
2nd Place - 100
3rd Place - 846