Congrats Chairman's Winners

Congrats to all of today’s Chairman’s winners! And a special hug to Team 294 and Cheryl, my penpal on the west coast from your friends on the east coast.

Maybe someday we will meet in the middle :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your comments. I think most of team 341 is still on cloud nine (is that the right number), but I’d like to congratulate the rest of the Chairmans award winners as well.

Our team is on absolute Cloud Nine. Thanks so much to everyone at LA for such a great competition and we’ll see you all in Atlanta! Special shout out to Wendy Wooten and my friends on Team 22, congrats Ric Roberts on 330 for his award, and Team 69 for coming, we’ll see you in the snow someday!

tear when I spoke to a few moms from our team, that’s when the tears come. I can let down with someone who knows all the hard work, and recognizes the rewards of all the hard work for our kids. So glad you and I have hooked up.

What an awesome day - emotional ROLLER COASTER like last year (cuz of our robot). I’m so proud of our kids.

I am absolutely ecstatic that our team, Team 234, won the Midwest Regional Chairmans award. Our team was just amazed and shocked at the same moment and would love to thank the judges for this! WOOHOO!! 2004 Midwest Regional Chairmans Award Winner!!! :]