Congrats Derek Bessette Waterloo WFFA

Congrats Derek! They couldn’t have picked a better mentor!

Congratulations, Derek!

I’ve only known Derek personally since January, but in that short time I’ve seen that he is one of the most dedicated, talented and honest FIRST mentors I’ve ever met. Derek is a great leader and role model for his students.

Good luck with the Championship WFA!

Congrats Derek!

It was great working with you this weekend, you are very deserving of this award. Good luck at the Championship WFA!

Derek’s amazing - he somehow manages to be extremely competitive in a calm, friendly sort of a way. Congratulations!

On behalf of myself and my team, I would like to congratulate Derek on recieving this award. He is truly deserving.


Early in build season, my co-captain Michelle and I went down to visit 1114 to pick up some parts that 1114 was going to donate to us. We ended up spending several hours talking to Derek, going through possible designs, strategies and laughing a lot. Derek not only is amazing at what he does as a mentor, he also is an amazing person with a great sense of humour.

This past weekend, my team had the honour of working with Derek as a drive coach on our alliance at Waterloo. Not only is he an amazing designer, he’s a brilliant drive coach, and was clear and concise with his strategy, and was an incredible motivator through everything that happened, keeping everyone focused on the positive.

Derek, congratulations. You’re amazing.

Dude, you rock!


Congrats Derek! A very well deserved award. I’ve known him since 2005, and he has worked closely with our teams at times. In my opinion without Derek, 1114/NiagaraFIRST couldn’t be possible!

Good luck at the Championship Woodie Flowers Award!

Congrats Derek! The only time I got to work with you was at IRI when we needed some parts. Never the less, you seemed like the boss in your team’s pits. Great job.

Congratulations Derek! Every since I first got to know you I have looked up to you as a role model and tried to be more like you. You deserved this award so much and I’m glad you got the recognition you deserved.


Way to go! A super duper BIG congratulations to you!

I don’t think I’m capable of writing a concise response describing how deserving Derek is of this award. Derek is by far one of the best mentors and leaders in this program. He has the complete respect of everyone on team 1114, whether it’s his fellow mentors or his dedicated students. He knows how to keep the team focused, while making sure everyone is relaxed.

Buddy, I’m proud to be on your team, and even prouder to be your friend.

Congratulations on being recognized with this wonderful award. Those that have been involved have heard your name many times over the years. It always wonderful to hear of someone being recognized for the impact they have on the students they inspire.

Derek, I had the pleasure to meet you in person at championship 2006 and IRI 2006. It was quite impressive to see how much everyone respects you on your team. The award is very well deserved. I can’t wait to see you again in person and have a conversation. I may disqualify your team again during inspection just to drive karthik nuts. =)