George Marchant, beloved advisor to Team 87, has just gotten the position of Director of FVC!! We love him, and wish him the best of luck. We’re so glad you got it George, you deserve it!!!

Congratulations George, good luck :smiley:

George, we are so thrilled to see you move on from Team 87 into a position where you can continue to spread the joy of FIRST to so many people. You will be sorely missed by the team, but we could never be happier for you than we are right now. Congratulations, George!

Wow … Congratulations George and :] good luck

Great news to start my day with. Congrats George!

Congratulations George! FIRST Vex is certainly in good hands.

Congrats to another member of the FIRST community! Good luck with your new position. I’m sure that we’ll see a difference with Mr. Marchant working.

Congrats and good luck with the new job. VEX is in good hands!

Congrats, George!

<sarcasm>(And with that, the North regains command FVC from the South. Darn. :rolleyes: )</sarcasm>