Congrats Golden State!


I’ve been advised by my confidants that many of you may be unaware that “Golden State” does refer, in fact, to the NBA’s Golden State Warriors basketball team, and not the entire state of California, in general. In case that was confusing for some of you. :stuck_out_tongue:

The #8 seed 42-40 team dethrones the 67 game winners. Utterly dismantles and disheartens them with their in their face style - Nowitski harassed relentlessly.

Some of the most amazing 3-pt. shooting I’ve ever seen. A truly fearless team.

A unified and electrified crowd getting behind their team. A yellow sea of support in their “We believe!” t-shirts - great image.

Greatest upset in NBA history - and extremely entertaining!

With Chicago’s sweep of Miami, both of last year’s Finals teams bowed out in the first round. Kinda makes you want to cry…not!

Great job Golden State! I hope you continue to wreak havoc upon the Western favorites.


Don’t make me mad all over again…