Congrats JVN! WFA Finalist at Bayou

Is this really not up here yet?!?

Congratulations to JVN, mentor of 148 and so much more, for winning the WFA at the Bayou Regional Friday.

John has done so much for so many, including his teams past and present, and this is well deserved.

Thanks John, for being a motivator and inspiration to all.


Congrats John.
Awesomeness. :slight_smile:

As soon as I heard Chief Delphi, I was like “it can’t be JVN… can it?” Congratulations John!

Congrats John! Well deserved!

Well deserved John. Congrats.



It had to be. Congrats, JV. Well earned.

First time I met and worked with John was at the Cleveland Regional in 2002, where I came away so impressed with how he carried himself and led his team, especially for such a young guy. Who would have thought 5-6 years later we’d both be working together again at the same company? Funny how life works. JVN is a great team leader, a great engineer and worthy choice for the award. Plus we know the award won’t go to his head, as he works with a bunch of people who will constantly remind him if it does. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I was thrilled when I saw the news, very much deserved. Congratulations John! You and the 148 team have built quite an impressive program.

grats john!

Congrats John! well deserved for everything you do for your teams and FIRST!

Congrats John from all of us Martians and More Martians 70 and 494. I am proud to know you.

See you in Atlanta for your big Woodie Flowers Finalist Award winner bear hug.

Jay TenBrink

Congratulations John.

Hope to see you in Atlanta.

Congrats John, all of you great finalists are going to make the Atlanta judges heads spin!

Congrats John!
No wonder I’ve lost all my money to you. Tough to beat a Woodie Flowers finalist. But I’ll keep tryin’!!!

Congrats John.

You are very deserving of this award. Team 1114 apologises for running up your text message bill. We just couldn’t help ourselves, we were all so happy for you! See you in Atlanta.

Congrats, John!

(Quick, everyone, revive the “I am JVN” craze!)

congratulations John, well deserved

Sometimes you hear news so good you can’t stop smiling. I don’t think there is a more fitting tribute anywhere than this is. 148 (and all of FIRST for that matter) is so much better because you are a part of it.

Thanks and congrats John.

Congratulations, John!

Congratulations John!

By the way… where is John?!? No post yet from him!