Congrats on making championships, 999! (ie, a rambling of our beginnings)


For the first time in my team’s 13 year history, we made championships. Not just going to go to championships, because we had the money, but actually earned our spot. I’m incredibly proud of the students on my team now, but, I’m now a college sophmore, attending school across the country. And maybe these are just amused ramblings, but… it makes me stop and remember.

I remember my first FRC match. Our robot didn’t move. I remember the first time I was behind the glass during a match. We were holding driver tryouts. I remember a time when we missed matches, because our drive train didn’t work. And, worst of all, I remember a time, when I was called into our teacher advisor’s office during school. Tensions were running so high. And then our advisor walked out on me. On our team. I begged her to come back.

But, I also remember a time when she came back. I remember a time when we started making every match on time. Early even. I remember a time when we gave our first driver test. I remember the time we made a pick list for the first time, when we ranked 13th.

So, I guess, congrats, team 999.


Chute Door!!!


Progress is inspirational. Congrats to 999 on this accomplishment! You should be extremely proud.


Quoted for truth.



Congrats guys! You deserve it. Looking forward to seeing you in Saint Louis!


I have known your team since it’s inception.

You used to be called C.R.A.S.H., which given your description, was prescient.

You won the Rookie All-Star award in 2002 at the New England Regional in New Haven. That building is now gone.
You also won the Autodesk Visualization Award in 2006. That’s gone too.
Since then, nothing… :frowning: Until 2014.
Also, having the company that was started by the man who pretty much invented the modern helicopter as your major sponsor, that name, well, unfortunate.

Enter the MechaRams. Last year you were Quarter Finalists in Hartford and won your first competition in your history at Southington.
This year, 999 was 3rd ranked at Waterbury, 6th in Hartford, and on the 5th Alliance at the District Champs.

What a difference 10 years makes.
Congratulations on your evolution and rising from the ashes.
Whoever stoked the fire deserves a cookie.

Your story is the most common and least celebrated in FIRST.


I look forward to being with 999 in St. Louis. I’m as happy for you as I am for us.

Our students will be sharing a bus with 195 and 999. More robot bonding!! After working together in Southington last year, and marching in the Cheshire parade demonstrating our robots, and now on the bus together … I foresee a long beautiful friendship.


We had the pleasure of being in the pit next to you guys at NE CMP. Everything I saw out of you guys was what an FRC team should be. Hope I get to compete with you guys more in the future.


195 couldn’t be prouder of 999. Awesome team and Awesome robot this year. Looking forward to good travels and good times!


Congratulations. It took us 12 years to get to that point. Trust me, that feeling doesn’t get old.


I think 999 is an awesome team number btw, just saying.


We were on the same alliance in Waterbury. Knew your robot had what it took to get to CMP.


Great Job 999! Another great, nice team that is putting up big stacks and points in NE this year, others that have stepped up in class include 2170 and 2836. District model is great.

See you in St. L. - put up dem stacks!

So 999? We knew what CRASH meant - we are still wondering what a Mecha-Ram is?



999 has been one of my favorite teams in New England, and reading this story is definitely inspiring.

Your robot is more than worthy of competing in St. Louis, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be sharing the bus ride there with you.