Congrats Team 5015 on winning the Western Canada Chairmans Award!


Awesome job guys! Having been on a second-year Chairmans team myself, I know the incredible amount of work and dedication it takes to earn this distinction in only your sophomore season. It was great meeting you all and we’re glad we could be neighbors in the pit - you guys are awesome, and best of luck at Championships!


Thank you so much. It was a great honour for us, and we were thrilled to be chosen for the award.

The Western Canada Regional was exceptional this year. It moved to a smaller venue, but everyone was so friendly and connected so well. We made many new friends this year, and we hope to stay in touch and see everyone next year (or at Worlds!)

Thanks to everyone, especially Manning Robotics who hosted the event, for making the Western Canada Regional so special and such a great success. Thanks to all of the teams who made the trip to Calgary. It was great having you there, and we hope to see you again next year.

Thanks again, Dirk.