Congrat's Team 5858 (Golden Hurricanes) From Head Coach - Alexander Roach -Alabama

All is Well #FRCTeam5858:

You did it guys and gals… You made it to the 2016 FIRST FRC Championship!

Great job and know that we are working hard behind the scenes to ensure you keep and improve your reputation.::rtm:: Making it there is only half the battle but strategy and proper financial backing is everything as we surge forward into the future of robotics and FIRST Competitions (as well as others around the world).

Special Note to Students: Columbia High School Golden Hurricanes…
Know that you ALL did very well and that we together have accomplished a FIRST for Alabama State as a whole! ::safety::

You Did it and I’m proud of you all! :smiley:

And Remember… Safety FIRST!
Coach Roach
(Head Coach, Mr. Alexander H. Roach AMRDEC/DARPA ENGINEER)


From someone well outside your team, and really not knowing any of you: Wow. Out of something like 3000 teams, you are one of 600 that ended up in STL for the world championship.

OK, maybe you’re not winning on Einstein*, but no matter what, today is a good day to be on your team.** Be proud.** You did right by your state.

*Hm, or maybe you are? Honestly don’t know…