Congrats, Thanks and Goodbye

Well the Mid Atlantic Regional is over and what a regional it was. Congratulations to Team 7,224 and 339 who took us apart in the finals. The sheer horror of seeing the Silver Scorpion carried backwards between the goals by your team of power bots was something I will always remember. You guys did a great job!

We’d also like to thank our partners Teams 11 and 64. Hey second isn’t bad. For a while there it looked like we had it wrapped but in FIRST you never know until the last ball drops. A goal here, a tether there- oh well. Despite our disappointment I think we gave them all a run for the money. Great job guys.

Then there is Buzz. When the alliance picking occurred we knew we couldn’t pick you but your alliance was Team 25’s greatest fear. Your bot is one of the greatest but your Team is certainly your best reason to be proud. We’ve known each other for a long time and through all of these seasons Buzz has been a model our team has tried to emulate. It was frustrating last year seeing you guys on the stage at Epcot and not reaching the ultimate goal. Congratulations on the Chairman’s Award and we hope you get the big one in Florida.

Our season is over. Despite the awards and victories, being an odd team we failed to qualify for Orlando. I guess the next time we play will be at Brunswick Eruption, November 16th at our school (everybody please come).

Good luck to all at the Nationals


Correction: thanks to team 84. There was no 64 in Rutgers.

argh- my eyes are still teary and I hit the wrong key!!!



We just found out that we are heading for Orlando after all. Miracles do happen.

Being right at the start of the waiting list paid off! We left the machine in drayage for the past few weeks just in case of this. Now to mobilize the army in three days and get the checks in- whew!!

Kind of reminds me of the 2000 season- HMMMMM!

Can lightning strike twice?