Congrats to 103 - 2005 Inventor Award Winner

A special congrats to my original FIRST family, Team 103, for winning the 2005 Inventor Award. In case you missed it, the award submission is posted here. Way to go Inventor Crew and project mentor Pete Kieselbach!!!

Yes Rich, congrats guys! I was VERY impressed by what you guys have created. I can’t wait till tomorrow when we compete against your great bot!

Thanks, Rich. The team really worked for this for several years, starting back when you led the group. I am proud to be associated with this group of high school students, but Jason deserves particular congratulations, for it was he who set the standard for his team and who was so obsessed with making sure all the details were there.


We’re “looking forward” to seeing you tomorrow too - you and Moe should make a very formidable alliance! I think the last match I saw us in was in Annapolis in 2003.

Congratulation to Team 103 for winning the Autodesk Inventor Award 2005. As a participant to compete for Autodesk Inventor Award, team 103’s inventor submission was just simply amazing. For some reason, after seeing all the submissions, I knew they were going to win it. Their inventor team put their heart into this. You guys deserved it. Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with next year.

Awesome job 103! I have to say, this was simply one of the best inventor submissions I have seen and the kids have worked hard like anything to accomplish all this. Keep up the great work 103:)

Thanks for a congrats guys I look forward to seeing all of your submissions for next year Good luck guys :smiley: .

From the first time I looked at the submission on your website I knew that it was going to be the winner. great job 103!

Thanks Kyle