Congrats to 11 and 869

TIme to congratulate some NJ teams—

Congrats to MORT -Team 11 for getting the Xerox Creativity Award in the Canadian Regional.

And congrats to rookie 869 - Powercord- who, in their first year, took first place in St Louis- a fine accomplishment.

Thank you for the congradulations Wayne. We won the award for our Mini-Mort the teathered robot we have. We got the door latch that it comes out of fixed for the Canadian Regional an we used it a lot more.

P.S. Did you guys win the same award for the scorpions sting, or was that another award that you won for it at the Midatlantic Regional?

Nope- the judges gave us the Engineering Inspiration Awards this year. Unfortunately it wasn’t one of the “qualifying” awards and for a while there we didn’t think we were going to be able to attend Fla. Believe it or not the Scorpion won all but 4 rounds all weekend- unfortunately not the last two!!! The other two losses were playing alone vs 2 robots.

Thankfully we got in via the waiting list and we look forward to the trip.

How about you guys- Now you qualify. Can you go? It would be a shame to leave you home. If I can help let me know.

I’m not exactly sure what is considered to qualify for the nationals, but we were finalists at Rutgers with your team and Chuck, team 84 i think. we also were a semi finalist at Toronto and we won the Xerox Creativity Award there. Some of us from the team will be in Florida to check out other teams and similar stuff because its the last year for a couple of us. We won’t be competing in Florida though because i don’t think that we qualified to go.

*Current year Technical Award winners at Regional Events (2002) (Driving Tomorrow’s Technology, Quality, Creativity, and Leadership in Controls) *
-quote from FIRST Championship Eligibility Page

The Xerox Creativity Award definitly qualifys your team to go.

Hmm… I checked the page on FIRST’s website and I wish I had known about this sooner. We’d enter to compete in a second, but I don’t think we have the money to pay the entrace fee. I’m gonna talk to the guys on the team about it tomorow. Any suggestions on what to do?

I just talked to a team member who called FIRST to talk to them of our situation to go and to ask her questoins. She said we did not qualify to go because the xerox creativity award isn’t an award that allows a team to go to nationals.

Teams automatically qualify to register for the current year in the following ways:
g. Current year Technical Award winners at Regional Events (2002)
(Driving Tomorrow’s Technology, Quality, Leadership in Controls, and Industrial Design.

The xerox creativity award is not in there, therefore we are unable to compete. Even though we are not competing, some of the team will be there. I’ll probably stop by your pit area one day jsut to see how you guys are doing down there.

Sorry to hear that guys-

I’d SWEAR that somewhere in the original letters outlinging qualification the Xerox was listed as a qualifying award.
If you are going down anyway feel free to hang with us. Drop me an e-mail off the web here and I can give you some info on our activity schedule to which you are invited!