Congrats to 225 Techfire

Wow, what an amazing season you have had so far! One more big event to go!!! I wish 1629 could have helped you win four banners! I am impressed! Maybe we can get on the same side of the glass again! Congrats!

Congrats to them and partners 2016 and 2590. It was a great three match final against 25, 1640 and 1089. I was rooting for Sab-BOT-age and their Blue alliance, but was mesmerized by the Red Alliance on the second two matches.

A spectacular end to the MAR Champs!

Congratulations to 2590, 225 and 2016 on a great champs. Great finals! Thanks for being great partners, teams 25 and 1089. This was a great championships!

Team 2016 would like to thank teams 2590 and 225. We enjoyed working with both of your teams and look forward to future events.
WOW to teams 25, 1640 and 1089. The finals matches were amazing. Congrats.

Thanks to 2590 for selecting us and 2016 for joining our alliance!

Much love for the finalist alliance of 25, 1640 and 1089 ā€“ I know personally I was more emotional than normal for this one. There were three great teams on the other side of the glass who build such great robots. If things had gone the other way, Iā€™m glad it would have been to them.

Congrats! We are honored to have played with/against such great teams

And also congrats to all of you (225, 2590, 2016, 1640, and 25) for making it to worlds! Show them what it means to be part of MAR!

Tremendous thanks for the kind words ā€“ we had a ball playing against you guys! I hope to see that three-cube auto going strong on einstein!

225 looked great in those finals matches!

That was incredible to watch. Congratulations and looking forward to seeing you guys in Detroit!

Those playoffs, in general, were awesome! It was an honor and pleasure to get to call the action in Finals Match 1 and see the strategies change.

225 & 2590 were a deadly combo and 2016 was an absolute steal! Very hard fought finals because 25, 1640, and 1089 were also on the top of their game!

Congrats to all!