Congrats to 3357, 1243, and 2054

I’d like to congratulate 3357, 1243, and 2054 (Big Blue from Hopkins - my former HS many moons ago!) on their West MI District Championship. You guys were a tremendous alliance - definitely the best defense we faced.

Thanks to 1918 and 1896 for partnering up with us - we had a good thing going, but unfortunately ran into a brick wall.

We are looking forward to a great competition at States in two weeks!

thanks, you had a great robot and it was an honor to play against you in the finals

Thanks a bunch and see you at states!!

Good Job 3357, 1243, and 2054! You were a great alliance. Thank you 1718 for choosing us, we had a good run. State is going to be very competitive, and I’m looking forward to seeing all of you there!