Congrats to 433!

I want to say congrats to team 433 on winning the “Judges Award”, and for making an excellent comeback between Friday and Saturday. Also, one more congrat on using your arm to right yourself when you tipped over.

Yeah, I was very impressed by the teams that could right themselves. :slight_smile:

The FIRST Website shows 433 won the Saturday Judge’s Award (not Ent.), and the Firebirds are certainly deserving of this honor from the judges. Congrats.

congrats :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!!! Yes, it was the Judges’ Award. We must thank the 5th seeded team 393 for selecting us and giving us our chance to finally show 'em what we could do. Thanks also to our new friends from Puerto Rico on team 780. We made a great alliance, each of our teams coming from behind. I believe at one point or another on Saturday each of the teams in our alliance were ranked in the 30’s, but somehow we managed to make a comeback by the end of qualifications. Thanks again!!!