Congrats to Beachbot on winning the chairman's award


I’m so proud of you guys! Great job, and I know you more then deserved it.

Good luck in Houston, and I love you all.

Joe Ross
Beachbot, 1997-2001

Major kudos to you guys, great job!!! It was fun working with you guys on one of the rounds and good luck in Houston.

Congratulations to Beach Bots - years of chairman like behavior - a very well deserved win. Good luck in Houston!

I’ve been a fond admirer of the Beach Bots program since I’ve had the chance to meet them 3 years ago. This award is very well deserved. Way to go!

Andy B.

Way to go you guys! We are happy for you! Much luck in Houston

Thanks everyone!!!:slight_smile:

Congratulations to the Beach 'Bots from Team 980 on a very much deserved Chairman’s Award.

Your team members have helped us a lot in the last two years. And by the way, thank you for the flyer for our booth about not making stack agreements. We appreciated it very much.

It was great being allianced with you this past weekend.

See you in Houston.