Congrats to Everyone at Tech Valley!

We want to thank our Alliance 6 partners Shaker Robotics, 2791 and RamBots, 4571 for the great work at New York Tech Valley Regional. We are so thrilled that we are able to go to Worlds together!

We also want to extend a big congratulations to Ranger Robotics, 3015 RoboTigers, 1796 and Electric Mayhem, 4930; you guys are truly champions, you guys were awesome.

We would also like to thank everyone at Tech Valley for such a great event, and we look forward to Worlds and next year.

See you all in Houston!

Sincerely, Team 4122, Ossining O-Bots


See you in Houston, couldn’t be prouder of how well we did together. Thank you to everyone at Tech Valley for making such a great competition

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Had a great time!

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Your MC from TVR here!! Congrats to all teams on the competition this weekend, had a lot of fun watching all of the matches and meeting a bunch of team members, mentors, and volunteers! Best of luck to those qualifying for CMP, hopefully I’ll see some of y’all in Houston! (come say hi!!)

Great event, will definitely go down as one of my favorite events of all time. Thank you for putting up with my shenanigans all weekend… but still NJ has the superior pizza :pizza: #sorrynotsorry :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Congrats and a huge thank you to team 4122 for designing a great robot, playing some great matches and picking us as their alliance partner! It was an honor to play with them as well as team 4571 who really came through for us with some tenacious defense work.

Also like to add to the congratulations for Alliance 1 (3015, 1796 and 4930) for playing an amazing game and just really being impressive overall. Well done!

TVR did a great job as always and looking forward to seeing everyone in Houston. Best of luck to everyone!

The Mentors and Students of Team 2791 - Shaker Robotics


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