Congrats to Everyone Who Submitted Chairman's!

Congrats to everyone who submitted the Chairman’s Award!!

If you worked on the award: awesome job! If you didn’t: let the person/people on your team who worked it know they did a great job! Chairman’s is an award that is very hard, stressful, and emotionally draining. I just submitted the award for my team tonight and it feels like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I’m sure others feel the same way too.

Good luck to everyone competing for the award! I can’t wait to read future award-winning essays and watch Chairman’s videos! :slight_smile:

Saw this and almost had a heart attack. We’re done but putting final touches on now so I freaked out and thought we missed it. Good luck to everyone submitting!

To the OP: thank you so much! To everyone else: congratulations!

At 8:12 PM, I clicked the “submit” button. It was the end of a project that had taken me many weeks and many iterations to complete and took up a lot of my energy throughout build season. My God, does it feel great. Now, if I can get my WFA nomination submitted…

I’m incredibly excited to see what y’all put out there as well. Chairman’s is going to be a tight race this year!

This was 5499’s first year submitting Chairman’s. Best wishes to everyone else who submitted.