Congrats to FIRST Friend Greg Hale - IAAPA Hall of Fame Inductee

Long time FIRST champion Greg Hale from Disney has been inducted to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Hall of Fame. Greg has been a longtime supporter of FIRST, having helped shepherd Disney’s support, especially here in Southern California. In fact, he’s even emceed the Los Angeles FRC regional in the past.

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Congrats, Greg!

Well deserved recognition for Greg, with Congrats to Greg for this recognition.

Of note is that Greg was the spark that brought FIRST to Disney’s Epcot Center in 1995, with much FIRST-Disney greatness following that. Greg has been involved in every Disney development involving FIRST for over 25 years.

The breadth of the FIRST network is indeed very wide and its impact quite significant.

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