Congrats to Huskie Brigade

Congratulations, Team 65, Huskie Brigade on the Great Lakes Regional Chairman’s Award Win. You guys are awesome. Always glad to see you at competition.

Thanks, Al-

We were - and still are - totally excited about this. We have a group of hard-working students who have been doing a great job for a long time. They deserve this.

By the way, we really appreciate your technical help during the regional. After we got knocked out, some of our team members were trying to make some improvements to our autonomous mode and you gave us some great advice. Thanks! (We promise to use it well next weekend at Motorola Midwest Regional! :))

To make our improvements, we used what I call the GLR “autonomous learning center.” Okay, so its just a hallway with a piece of carpet on it…

Thanks to 469 and 1023 for allying with us in the eliminations. You guys delivered! The definition for cool under pressure should include a picture of the 469 pit crew, drivers, and coach.



Al- We have never met, but that was very kind of you to post a thank you. “The team will really appreciate your comments at Tuesday’s team meeting.”

I will also like to thank team #1, #27, #47, #503, #1188, and #67 (Nader). ( If I miss anybody sorry) All the kinds words that we received touched every bodies hearts when we talked about it on the bus. Winning that award was good, but having other teams complement us was the best part of the day.

Also, team #1188, congrats on Rookie All-Star. (Mr. G, Hogan)

Thanks for every-bodies support at the Great Lakes Regional. Always, remember if you ever need help, stop in the Huskie Pit. We always have extra paws.
:smiley: :smiley:

Way to go Huskies. Very cool!

Winning the Chairman’s Award is the highest honor bestowed upon any team in FIRST. You should be incredibly proud.

Winning the competition is wonderful, but spreading the FIRST word is what will ensure that FIRST is around for all future generations. Congratulations to an awesome team. You wholeheartedly deserve it.

Way to go Huskies!

The TechnoKats are REALLY excited about being neighbors with your team starting tomorrow at the Midwest Regional.

Congrats on winning the GLR Chairman’s Award and for also being a consistently great team.

See you soon!

Andy B.

ps… looking at the lineup at the Midwest Regional, and knowing how they have placed us in the pits over the past few years, these teams will all be in a row together: 9, 16, 45, 65, 68, 71 What a lineup!

I hope that you guys worked out your problem with the speed controllers. If you are still having problems, come and get me or ask for Steve Tine (software/firmware). We would really like to check into the problem and get to the bottom of it. Have a safe trip in tonight. See you tomorrow in the pits.