Congrats to NC District State Winners, 3506, 1533 and 5679!

Congrats to 3506, 1533, and 5679! A great performance throughout the whole event and throughout the whole season so far and a well-deserved victory.
Huge congrats to 3506 to a Triple Blue Banner (making it their FIFTH Blue Banner)! Way to represent Charlotte and the QCRA and thanks for all the support provided to other teams throughout the season.

Best of luck to these three teams at Championships!

Actually, our 5th if you include the Woodie Flowers banner and the two other banners from Guilford :slight_smile: Huge one for us - she deserves it.

Lia Schwinghammer has made this idea possible and fully deserves every bit of the credit. I like that the Queen City Robotics Alliance is really taking off in the Charlotte FIRST Zone and I hope that teams begin to emulate our model of success. Cooperation with multiple teams while learning and sharing from each other has really helped the cause and has boosted the overall competitive level of NC.

A fun fact that proves things are working well with this model is that every team that has visited or is a resident of the Charlotte FIRST Zone acquired a blue banner or an award this season and did very well for themselves.

1533, 3506, 3661, 4290, 4935, 5679, 6003, even some of our SC neighbors like 2815 had high success even from a single Saturday in the zone with all of the other teams around. This simply WORKS. I saw three teams with T-rex arms (look at match photos to understand) and multiple drive train adjustments as a result of our practice field and collaborative learning.

Thanks so much for the kind words! We’re very proud of our Girls on Fire (5679), and all the other teams. These students are such an inspiration.