Congrats to tampa bay

Congratulations to the tampa bay lightning on their first ever, and the southeastern divisions first ever, Stanley Cup. My prediction of TB in 7 came true, but I got just about all the specifics wrong(Cal won game 1, the OTs were at the end…). Congratulations to Calgary on their Western conference win and being the first canadian team to reach the finals in 11 years. Congrats to Brad Richards for his Conn Smythe, only two more to tie the great Patrick Roy(can’t leave the Avs completely out of this can I?). Thanks to all the teams in the NHL for a great hockey season. I hope there isnt a lock-out next year so we can get some more of the greatest sport on earth next year too. Oh yeah, and Khabibulin was amazing during the last 10minutes… :yikes:

oh and how can I forget dave Andreychuck. 22 years, congratulations, you finally did it! Although you watched the last 21 seconds from the penalty box… :ahh:

We still have teams that play this sport called “hockey” in the USA? :rolleyes:

We still have teams that play this sport called “hockey” south of the Mason-Dixon line?

(I say that in the hopes that nobody realizes that South Carolina has four minor-league teams, in Greenville, Charleston, Columbia, and Florence. Darn, too late.)

…everyone knows that nobody cares about hockey south of virginia…

just kidding!!!

[goes outside to set off some fire-works]

I stayed up to watch that game…I’m so happy (even though I thought the Flames were gonna win).

[Yes, I know the game was not on late, but I planned to goto bed at around 10 becuase of finals]

Woo Hooo Florida got Baseball and hockey this season! We arent getting basketball, all we need is the dolphins to finally do well! (I know tampa Bay has been good at football too, but the dolphins deserve it more!)