Congrats to Team 16, Baxter Bomb Squad

Team 16 was the ONLY team to go undefeated in Week 1.

2056 went undefeated in Qualifications at FLR, but lost to a Red Card (given to alliance partner 1518 for contacting the Blue Alliance’s tower in the endgame) in Qtr 1-1 and to a tie being decided by minibot race in Finals 1.

Thank you!!! We are pretty busting out with pride over this little statistic.

Notwithstanding this or that Regional being more or less competitive, or any one team’s particular match list, which certainly plays into any such accomplishment…we are still very pleased.

It was very nice of you to notice. :slight_smile:

It’s awesome that they went undefeated, and it was truly a great robot, but should also remind us that this year, W-L ratios are very much determined by the match schedule. Looking through their schedule show this. Only one team they competed against scored 40+ points. Then you put the two powerhouses together 16 and 148, and there wasn’t much that could be done.

What’s also interesting is look at 148’s record… It’s listed at 14-1-1 except if you look at the scores, I can’t seem to find a loss or a tie.

also 148 scored an average of 85pts per match
16 scored 77.
I’m still trying to figure out why 148’s record is what it is, it seems they should be in the undefeated boat too. Now that I’m looking through my calculations on the Twitter feed, I think it may be TBA misprinting a match or 2.

Congrats to team 16 through, you really had an awesome robot!
Don’t get me wrong you deserved it!

What’s also interesting is look at 148’s record… It’s listed at 14-1-1 except if you look at the scores, I can’t seem to find a loss or a tie.
They were DQd in a qualification match for touching a tower with a tube in end game. It wouldn’t reflect in the final score, but counts as a loss for them.

The tie looks like it’s an error in the Blue Alliance calculations (or possibly bad data coming in). There’s a SF1-3 match that shows a -1 to -1 score that’s probably being accounted for in the W-L-T calculation.

We lost two matches - the first was a match we would have won, but we got a red card for brushing the corner of a tube we were carrying against our opponent’s tower in the end game. Not intentional by any means, but those are the rules. The other we lost straight up, because our opponent (245, I think it was) got a minibot up and we didn’t. We scored a bucketload of tubes in each match, but penalties and minibots can both be a major deciding factor this year, and each one bit us once.

That just goes to show how hard it is to go undefeated at any regional, and what an accomplishment it was for the Bomb Squad to do so!

Great job Meredith!
Going undefeated in any regional is quite an accomplishment!
So how come you and 148 never faced each other in a match? :rolleyes: haha…

This is why I think FIRST should release the day 3 match schedule on day 3. Pairing teams of similar ability to create more interesting qualification rounds when most of the spectators are around.

Thanks, Glenn. We certainly caught some breaks - like not ever competing against 148!

But I promised them we would be on the field together Saturday afternoon one way or the other. Really glad it was together - they are such great friends and I can’t remember ever getting to play with them in the eliminations.

I have to admit, it would be fun to go head-to-head with Raptor. Hopefully we get the chance in St. Louis.

Yeah, that way we have a bunch of matches where none of the 6 robots can do much of anything and all the top seeded teams have to face each-other so the middle of the pack can become captains! :rolleyes:

Obviously the current ranking algorithm wouldn’t work, but there are serious issues with it already (ie team 40 being ranked 12th)

Also this is pretty typical in football, where most of the match ups are boring, but a few are very interesting. I think it would add to the competition rather than retract from it as you are implying.

Once again, assuming the current ranking algorithm it obviously wouldn’t work for the reasons you’re already stating… then again the middle of the pack are already becoming captains in many regionals this year.

had we not hit the estop we would have been a captain with only 2 tubes hung all competition…

I would like to thank the Bomb Squad for all their help they did on Thursday. There were 19 rookie teams at Alamo. All day, I saw a member from FIRST team 16 in almost every one of those pits, either building their robot, or helping them in some way.

Between them and FIRST team 148, they made sure that every team was able to get to the field and compete by Friday.

But, what else would you expect from a Hall of Fame team? :slight_smile: