Congrats to Team Fusion # 364

Team # 364
We are happy for your return to the work after the tragedy from hurricane Katrina. Unfortunately we will not participate of the Houston regional in this year. We only go to participate here of competitions of demonstration in Brazil.
Good luck in this 2006 competition. We are thinking about balls, shooters, cannons… We are soccer world champion in Brazil but make a robot to do it is not easy.
An embracing to mr. D Fava, to mr. Tom Holderer, and all.(Ops: excuses for my bad English)
Liberato Team #1603


I am so proud of you guys!!! {and gals!}

I miss everyone and wish I could be there with you! With everything we’ve all been through, I am just glad that you are able to participate this year.

Keep up the good work and remember to have fun!

I’ll be watching from North-Alabama and will try to stop by and say “Hey!” when I’m down for a visit.

Who? RA!!!

<A.K.A. Displaced Fusioneer!>

I just want to say thank you for you kind words Roberto and the rest of Liberato! We will certainly miss you guy at Lone Star. We look forward to seeing you guys next year and will be glad to help you in anyway. We should to have the funds next year to bring some of yall back to Houston.

Keep in touch,
Brandon and the rest of 364