Congrats to the 2005 Chairmans Award Winner

Congrats team 67 on winning the 2005 FIRST Chairmans Award… You did great things for FIRST. :slight_smile:

Congratulations team 67 on the national championship and the national chairman’s award. What a spectacular year for HOT.

Two regional championships, a national championship, and then national chairmans.

All I have to say is wow and congratulations. That’s one amazing season.

Congrats Hot Bot, a great ending for a great season for you guys. You guys definately do alot of great stuff for your community and for FIRSt and live up to everything a chairmans award winner should be. Once again congrats, and keep up the good work!

Even though your team is HOT enough to both win Chairman’s and The Championship Event in the same year, please remember to take deep breaths at hearing all the great news!! :wink:

Congratulations Team 67 -The true Heroes Of Tommorrow.

<and one of my Fantasy FIRST teams… w00t!!!>

wow !!!
That’s hot.

Was it a foreshadow that Dave rode in with a hot bot jacket (with logos blacked out) that you guys would win the Champs and Chairmans!?!?! Congrats guys, from a fellow Regional Chairman’s team winner.

Congratulations to Team 67.

Way to be!

Congrats to 67 on a spectacular year. A really great and classy team I can’t wait to see in the hall of fame next year. You guys deserve it so much :). Thanks for being a great team to look up to and to model, your what FIRST is really all about.


WOW, that is some year. Congratulations!

WOW, what an amazing team! CONGRATULATIONS TEAM 67! A well deserved Chairman’s Award and a well deserved Championship win! Your Hall of Fame display will be HOT!

Congrats 67, welcome to the Hall of Fame!

The award definitely went to the team that really deserved it. Congratulations from another fellow regional chairmans winner.

Thank everyone very much for the kind words!

What a way to end my senior year!

As far as the tournament, I can’t think of a single alliance, on Einstein or Newton (and I’m sure it was the same way with the other divisions), which wasn’t good enough to win. Everybody looked awesome this year. The matches were close and competitive. Even in the match where we won with the high score of 132, the opposing alliance had 40 something. With no rows! That’s extremely impressive! All the teams should be proud of their robots, they all looked awesome this year.

It was the same way with the Chairman’s submission. Based on what I saw and heard, every single team who had their chairman’s submitted to the championship (and I’m sure many/most/all who didn’t) deserved this award. Don’t worry, with time, all of you will win this award as long as you always remember the spirit of FIRST.

Thanks for an amazing season FIRST.

CONGRATS!!! great job you all!!! another great team winning this award. congrats to the entire team from the mentors, students former and current. it takes a few tries to win and all those hard steps but the hard work pays off.

Wow! I had no idea, when we chose you guys as our alliance partner, that you were in the running for the Chairman’s award.

Congratulations on a job well done!

Congratulations HOT! You are awesome every year. Keep up the good work.

You guys were HOT!! this year, nat champs and Chairmans! That is a season we all only dream of!! CONGRATS!!!

Welcome to the club guys!

To The Hot Team:

Congratulations on what must have been one awesome day!!! Team 341 wishes all the best! You deserve it!

Al Ostrow
Team leader
Team 341 “Miss Daisy”