Congrats to the Arabian Knights, the first FRC team from the UAE!

I just wanted to extend a personal congratulations to FRC team 4928, The Arabian Knights, for a fantastic rookie year. Being the only FIRST team in the entire United Arab Emirates, they were continually faced with problem after problem, from getting their kit of parts more than a week late to difficulties acquiring materials, tools, and equipment. But that did not deter them from building a fantastic robot! Excellent guidance from the coaches and enthusiastic students came together into what I think is a truly great team.

I personally flew to the UAE for two weeks to mentor them in programming, and I can say I was very impressed by the work that they all did. They were extremely resourceful and clever in finding ways to build their robot and spread the message of FIRST. I’m really glad I was able to meet up with them again at the Colorado Regional! And I want to commend them on an excellent showing: they won the Rookie Inspiration Award and were the 6th pick in alliance selection!

Arabian Knights, congratulations on an amazing season, and I think you’re an inspiration to all of us!

It was a pleasure having 4928 on our alliance in the quarter finals at Denver. All three teams (1583, 4928, 649) played an awesome three matches with (2996, 1410, 662). Those were my favorite matches of the regional. We look forward to 4928 coming back to Denver in coming years.