Congrats Wayne Cokeley!

Congratulations on being honored with the Governor’s Teacher of the Year Award, Wayne!

I second Kathie’s comments.

Way to go, Wayne!!!

Yep, congratulations to Mr. Cokeley! :slight_smile:

I remember the day he received the award. We actually had a robotics meeting that day, and we were all astounded when he walked in wearing a tie! :ahh:

Heh heh heh…

We all thought he was going to the ‘senior’ prom :smiley:

A very nice suit, tie and a destroyed overstuffed wallet.

Congratulations again Mr Cokeley.

Wow, Congratulations Mr. Cokeley. It seems that you have the respect of every team member I have spoken to and you are honored by the Governor. I hope to meet you one day and maybe you can rub my head and transfer some of that energy. :slight_smile:

We’re all very[which is an extreme understatement] proud of Mr. Cokeley and of all of his hard work and effort that he puts into everything he does.

We’ve thanked him many times already, so here’s just another “Congratulations Cokeley!” :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t be the least surprised if that overstuffed wallet doesn’t hold a few receipts that have somehow forgotten to be submitted for reimbursement.

Congratulations Wayne.

sssshhhhhhh! didn’t think anybody was going to find out-darn!

Thanks for the congrats. Just doing my job…

WC :cool:

Modesty at its finest. He does 10000000+% more than what his job entails, and we’re all incredibly grateful. In fact, we’re having a party at his home this weekend :stuck_out_tongue: (just kidding)

Mr. Cokeley, you are one of the mentors that every student respects, they never stop talking about you. You have impacted their life big time. I haven’t had the chance to introduce myself to you in person, but I can’t wait to meet you.

Even though you have heard this before, I will still jump on the bandwagon and say “Congrats Mr. Cokeley.”


ooops, sssshhhhhhh.
wow. wow. wow.

Now, I can tell people, my friend from FIRST is a Governor’s Teacher of the Year Award.

There can never be enough recognition of a job well done. We can never say enough Thank You’s. We can never measure the impact that an inspirational teacher or mentor can make on a student because it’s priceless.

Just running any FIRST team is going above and beyond your job. So, uh, I guess staying on top of 25 is a few more notches past that. :wink:

Congrats, Wayne!

Congratulations :slight_smile:

You are truly an inspiration to us all. I cannot express how wonderful it is to know that a teacher associated with First is recognized with a substantial recognition outside of First. Congratulations! AP Biology and geophysics, WOW!

Too late … congrats Wayne, this is awesome exposure for FIRST AND more importantly a well deserved award.

  • “Mr. Cokeley has really created an outstanding Robotix team that includes students of all kinds of backgrounds and academic abilities, and he has truly created an integrated and diverse group of students working together,” acting Superintendent of Schools Geri Margin said.

Cokeley could not be reached for comment. *"

Not a surprise… :wink:
Congrats Wayne.

This is really great!! Another great mentor in the FIRST community awarded and it is recognized in the outside community. FIRST mentors shine so bright inside and outside of the FIRST family.