Congrats to all teams who participated in this weekends regionals… A special congrats to team 171, a fellow Wisconsin team, for winning the St. Louis Regional.

Go Chesseheads, hopefully we’ll have continued successes :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the support. I hope the rest of WI can do so well. Also thanks to 650 and 755 for making our alliance work.

Congrats to 171, 755, & especially 650 who I made friends with. Very cool people. Have fun at nationals everybody.

I was the driver for 171 at the st louis regional. i would like to thank everyone for there support throughout the event. i laugh at myself when i think back to the alliance picking. talk about feeling like you are on the price is right. seriously, who would think that the number 15 seeded team would have their own alliance and WIN! i would like to thank our alliance partners also, 650 and 755. All the teams did a great job.