Congratulation to 2004 National Champions 71, 494 and 435

I would like to congratulate 2004 National Champs team 71, 494 and 435. Great Finals and an end to a great season:)

On behalf of Sparky 384, I would like to congratulate the winners. They showed great gracious professionalism, and respect. Good luck with the rest of the year!


Congrats to all teams who did well this year, especially all the rookies in the finals, semis, and quarters!

Congratulations to all 3 teams. Tally another National championship for Team Beatty (71).

On behalf of team 134 I congradulate all that did well especially this years champions, finalists and chairmens winners. I would also like to extend this congradulation to David Kelso from team 131 on his Woody Flowers Award…
Job well done to all,


I tip my hat to you Team Hammond. As a former member it was hard to not be with you to share the joy of the national championship, but you guys deserve it… Your hard work and dedication showed throughout this season and will continue to shine for many years to come.

That’s 4 Thus Far… care to make it 5?

Once again… GREAT JOB! 71, 494, and 435

-Greg The Great

CONGRATULATIONS 71 … 469 … and 435 … you guys all did awesome as did everyone else who went to nationals … !! good job everyone !!

Arch-i-medes!!! Way to go 71, 494 and 43. On behalf of team 1064 Wild Beast, Congrats on all your hard work.

Thank you Hammond for adopting me this weekend! Four national championships are simply amazing! Now all you need is that elusive Chairman’s Award!

Hope to see you at IRI!

Best of luck next year on the Double-Double!


What an alliance…another awesome machine from 71, and thanks 494 for the help @ peachtree…

Huge congrats go out to EVERYONE for making this the best competition ever. The Archimedes eliminations were the best eliminations I have ever seen (JVN agrees :smiley: ). Congrats to all of the division champions as well as the final four. Teams 71, 494, and 435 displayed awesome teamwork the entire afternoon. I’m glad to see that Hammond doesn’t need me anymore :stuck_out_tongue:


What can I say that has not been said? Congratulations to teams # 71, 494, 435. I wish I could have been down there to cheer for all of you. It’s always great to see Team Hammond in action or any other time. I’m not much for words so, GREAT JOB!!!

Anthony J. Fornaciari
Former member Team #71

Thanks everyone and THANK YOU TEAMS 71 and 494 you guys are great and awesome teams can’t wait to play with ya next year. Also to all the other nation al teams GREAT YEAR and may next year be even better for everyone.

A very special thanks goes out to 71 and 494, we couldn’t have won without you guys! Thank y’all so much!

Also congrats to 1218, 469, and 868. You guys had some awesome machines and the finals were very exciting.

And a thank you goes out to 900 as well. Y’all are great.

This was the most fun I’ve ever had and everybody was excellent.

Wow! My reaction when I logged onto CD last night was one of absolute delight! Not only are 494 and 435 great teams, who absolutely deserve it, but as a former member of Team Hammond, I have to say Way to Go! You guys are awesome!!!

Congratulations to all three teams, you really played hard and put on a really good show :slight_smile:

A special congrats to 435 - I remember last year how things went for you guys, and to see how things went for you this year and how you’ve progressed… it just blows my mind. You guys are a great team - Regional Chairmans and a National title to go with it :] I can’t wait to see what you do next year

Congrats!!! very nice alliance selection.

Congrats to 71, 494 and 435! You guys made a great alliance. I knew Beatty had a great bot, but I never would ahve imagined them winning it this year. Truely incrediable! This year’s competition has really been a marvel to watch and participate in.

Congratulations, those finals were intense
–Evan, driver for 1218

Yea last year was umm well I rather not talk about that. This year how we built are machine was we looked the game aspects and decided what we thought it would take to win. So we went out and built it and I have to say it worked really well. As for next year not sure what we are going to think up yet… I hope to see you guys at nationals or a regional next year and best of luck to you as well.

congratulations team 71, 494 and 435, the championship final matches were awesome.