Congratulations 1114, 217 and 148

Congratulations to the new champs
1114 SimBotics
217 ThunderChickens
148 RoboWrangler

you guys were awesome.

The SimChicken Wranglers are you new World Champions.

Congrats to 1114, 217 and 148 on winning the championship event.

[Joke: has nothing to with how awesome they are] It seems that 1114 can make it out of their division when my team isn’t on either side of the equation, either with them ('06) or against them ('07)[/Joke]
But seriously congrats on winning. I remember seeing you guys as rookies (as a freshmen) and thought you were good then but you certainly have grown exponentially since.

What an amazing alliance! Congrats to all these teams!

Also congrats to 348,16,67 for an outstanding performance!

1114 is the new highest team number to win the Championship. Congrats to all three teams, if someone said at the beginning of the season that these three powerhouses would be together on Einstein, I would have said they were crazy. You all were amazing. Major props to 1114, getting 2 balls + 5 lines almost every time, thats what seemed to make or break matches.

Congrats to 114, 217, and 148 on the victory.

Congrats as well to 67, 16, and 348, you guys definitely made them sweat.

Congrats to 842 for Chairmans and 359 for EI as well

Congratulations to teams: 1114, 217,148 and 348,16, and 67 for an excellent finals.:smiley:

Congrats 1114, 217, 148!!! you guys really had to work hard for this one, finnaly got it!

The moment they started playing Thunderstruck, I knew, I KNEW, they would win it. It’s 217’s song, and kind of a good-luck charm (They played it for our 1st match on Einstein in '06).

God, I wish I could have been there (stupid exams).

Congratulations to everybody on 1114, 217, and 148!

Fantastic match, guys! Congratulations 1114-217-148, 67-16-348 and 842. You were amazing at the competition!

I wish we play with/against you next year. See you!

Awesome job 1114-217-148… you guys kept fighting and fixing a sign of true champions.
Too all the others congrats also… this year was a intense Championship and you all showed the world the FIRST spirit.

Congrats to the award winners too… great work :smiley:


Congrats to the SimChicken Wranglers, the Norwell HOT Squad, Falcon Robotics and the Hawaiian Kids!

I knew something was up when I saw that Sim-Chickens picture earlier this year. It’s a conspiracy I tell you XD

Congrats 1114,217,148. Those matches were epic in win.

And also that was an epic fight by 67, 16, and 348

WOW just WOW!

And it’s about time 1114!

So here’s my congratulations to 1114, 217 and 148. Ya done good!

67, 16 and 348 also a job well done!

Way to break the Beatty “curse”! Not once, but twice! Congratulations also to 1114 on being the current highest-numbered champion.

Not only that, but they broke the Galileo “Curse”.

Curie is now the only division that has yet to yield World Champions.

Congrats to all of the teams for a game well played, this years game produced some really well thought out and designed robots.

I got to witness the Championship as a fan instead of a competitor, which was really relieving after how we performed at our regional. Unfortunately we missed out on the finals since our flight back to Richmond left at 5.

The matches I did see were really competitive and fun to watch, and it was a totally different experience in a place as large as the Georgia Dome. I’m just glad I got to round out my last FIRST event as a high school student with an event as great as this was.

And Curie broke a curse too–This is the first time they’ve gotten past Einstein semis.

Congrats to 1114, 217, and 148 on an amazing Championship run. You guys were amazing!

Also Congrats not only to the Curie 67-16-348 alliance, but to the alliances from Newton and Archimedes as well. Each alliance was awesome.

Congratulations To the Champs!

I just want to say that this past weekend I was able to spend with 148, and I was able to see what a truly fantastic team them are.
Their students were fantastic.
Their Mentors made me feel welcome.
and… they also fed me. =)

Congrats, and once again thank you to the Wranglers!

Karthik, Derek and the rest of the gang from Ontario: Amazing machine, amazing scouting, amazing team. Throughout the entire season you have always brought an amazing machine and team to the field, and it paid off.

Paul and gang: 2 wins in 3 years… not bad… haha what am i kidding that is great. Very nice design and very simple at the same time.

John, Amanda, and the rest of the Wranglers, great job. After seeing your robot almost everyone thought you had no chance in Atlanta, but you proved us all wrong. Very simple, yet speedy machine got what it needed done to win.

Congrats on the Championship win, and to breaking the Beatty curse… Congrats to 1114 for their first title and both 148 and 217 for their 2nd World Championship title.