Congratulations 716!

I would like to take the time on behalf of my team to congratulate team 716, the WhosCTechs on their awesome showing in Atlanta. They did very well in the archimedes division (probably the hardest division out there), going undefeated in qualifiying rounds, and making it to the finals. They put up a good fight, but eventually lost to the team that went on to win the entire thing, team 71.

Once again i would like to congratulate the WhosCTechs on a wonderful job in Atlanta, a wonderful robot, and a wonderful year! :slight_smile:

I would also like to congratulate 716 on the behalf of team 900. The time spent talking with you guys about drivetrain and such was awesome. Your power on the field was evident with you all being able to play some awesome defense. Your robot was awesome due to the fact that it was fairly simple in design and very consistent and dependable. I just wanted to congratulate you guys and I cant wait to see the white paper on those dual motor, dual speed transmissions.

[edit] I would also like to thank Andy Brockway for the time he spent talking to my team and for discussing his transmission design with us. Keep up the awesome work [/edit]

I second everything said above. Andy Brockway has been especially helpful with our team’s drive system by communicating by e-mail numerous times since we used the team 716 2003 design . Way to go and can’t wait for that whitepaper! :slight_smile:

thanks for the words of congraulations everybody. we all had alot fun down there. can’t wait to see you guys next year, and hopefully will catch some of you at off season competitions. also we would like to give thanks to 45 and 1272. couldn’t have done it without them.

Thanks all for the kind words :slight_smile: Also thank you 45 and 1272, it could easily have gone the other way!

For all you fans of the single speed… Team 1038 is using this gearbox and led their alliance of 175 and 1388 to become Curie Champions! The best part is that their students made the gearboxes. BTW, the gearbox is NOT why they won, the human element is what always makes the difference (a good bot helps also :smiley: )!

Aaron (900), I was serious about publishing your gearbox. FIRST is about sharing and you have a good, simple gearbox that is worth sharing.

Congrats. This success and recognition of 716’s efforts is long overdue. Now the rest of the FIRST world knows what many of us already knew: 716 is a class act and a great competitor.

No Andy,

Thank you for picking us. This alliance of us, you guys and 1272 was an incredible alliance. You guys have proven yourself to be one of the elites and 1272 really made a name for themselves early. If it wasn’t for you guys and 1272, we would have been taken out early. If only we had a few more seconds, it probably would have been our alliance hoisting the national champion trophy, but hey thats how the ball falls…(Congrats to 71, 494 and 435 again :))

I hope to work with you guys more in the future no matter what team I am on!

Team 980 also used Team 716’s single-speed gear box design. We won the S. California Regional and were second seed in Galileo with the three highest scores in our division (210, 195 and 190). The gear box design allowed us to move much more quickly than in previous years.

So thank you Andy Brockway and Team 716 for your generous help in posting your designs in the white papers.

Thank you all for the kind words. I would like to thank our alliance partners team 45 and 1272 for a great alliance. I dont think we could have made it so far in the finals rounds without you both. So thanks again.

Again, thanks for all of your good words! We really appreciate it! Again, thanks to 45 and 1272! You guys rock and we definitely could not have gotten as far as we did without you! Thanks to everyone again! Hope to see everyone in the off seasons!

I would also like to congratulate 716 on being the finalists in Archimedes, along with 45 and 1272. Also congrats to you guys for getting a score of 230. I must say, that 237 was somewhat afraid of 716’s bot because of its incredible versatility getting onto the bar. We didn’t think our shimmy would be enough to stop it. But we were knocked out in the semi-final round. Great job again for an awesome robot! :slight_smile:

We plan on posting a whitepaper on it as soon as everything quitens down. The team was planning on having a one week break but that sort of went out the window when we found out that this Saturday is welcome day (our school is a statewide magnet school for juniors and seniors, the people who were accepted and waitlisted will be here saturday so we are going to show off the robot and try to recruit some people early). All of the autodesk files are already up on our website for the entire robot if you want to go look at those. Our website is in my signature and I think that the file is under media. If anyone looks at it and has any questions before we are able to get a whitepaper together just email me. My email is plus its on the website along with my AIM contact info. I’m on most of the time and check my email often. Once again congrats to 716 and thanks to Andy for encouraging everyone to share information.