Congratulations and Thank yous to Indiana FIRST

Following the end of the state championship, I wanted to congratulate all who participated in the districts over the course of the 2015 season.

Thank you to 68 and 107 who made the trip down to compete in Kokomo. I was not there in person, but I do hope the both of you will consider coming back to compete in Indiana again next year. I’m sure many teams enjoyed your presences.

Thank you to our partners in the Indianapolis, Purdue, and Indiana FIRST Champs: 4103, 4982, 1741, 3176, 447, and 5484. Congratulations in particular to 1741 for advancing- I’m sure you will do well at the championships.

Thank you to all the Andymark people who, from what I understand, helped run all the Indiana FIRST events, and the volunteers who helped run the events and made this season a big success.

Congratulations to 234, 1024, and 292 for winning and advancing to the championship automatically.

Congratulations to 135 for winning Chairman’s. The growth that your program has been seeing the last two years is amazing, and nothing short of absolutely astounding.

Congratulations to 1501 for winning Engineering Inspiration. I know you all have been attempting to win the award for many seasons now, and it’s extremely gratifying to see you all win it finally. Congratulations on finishing runner-up.

Congratulations to 5403 for winning Rookie All-Star.

Congratulations to 5188, 71, 5402, 1720, and 1741 for advancing based on team points. I wish you all the best in representing Indiana at the world championships.

Welcome to the District Model.

Now see if you can replicate the success of FiM. So many rookies in Michigan this year.