Congratulations at Great Lakes

First of all I would like to thank everyone for participating in the Great Lakes regional, what a show it was. The ‘hardest regional in the country’ (as told by the MC) was a great turnout and the competition level was great. They took a step up in the production of this year’s regional. The brackets for saturday’s elimination were some of the toughest ive seen in my two years of competing in FIRST. Secondly, being a member of team 302 and on behalf of my entire team, I would like to thank everyone on team 67 and 226 for putting up the best fighting alliance i’ve ever witnessed. We could not have gotten past the first round without you guys. We were seeded sixth and had to battle our way all the way to the top, and we did not do it easily. Every seed in the elimation rounds was very tough and it was nailbiting the whole way. We give a big round of applause to teams 27,217,and 322 for putting up one hell of a fight in finals. After the first match where we lost by 67 points we all thought it was over, just goes to show never give up. We were just glad we didnt have to play Motorola (111) because they gave us one hell of a scare in every round we saw them. Once again congratulaions to everyone and especially team 65 for winning the regional Chairman’s award! Way to go huskies!

Kelley Belenky
Driver, Team 302

I sure wish that I would’ve been able to see the exciting competition at Great Lakes.

Many interested FIRSTers in central Indiana are very excited that PantherTech - team 292 captured the #1 seed at GLR. These folks at Western High School have put in alot of effort over the years and deserve some credit.

Kudos to PantherTech… good luck in Chicago!

Andy B.