Congratulations Chief Delphi!

For making front page news in today’s Oakland Press! “The Dream Team” as it’s called, sounds pretty impressive!

Congrats Chief Delphi!
For those of you how don’t get the paper version of the Oakland Press, their article was on the front page, just below the first big news story, yet still starting on the top fold. Nice job!

PS: Dang it, Beth. You’re always beating me to the Oakland Press articles.:stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats 47! You guys are awesome.

Very nice article!

Thats a really good article, Congratulations 47.

Hey, I can’t read the article, but that is really cool! Congrats though!

EDIT: I went home and read this and that is really, really cool! Congrats again!

Thanks for the kindness. I was shocked that it was actually in the paper today because they were there just yesterday, usually it takes a couple of days. It was a good picture and article, Thanks goes to the Oakland Press.:slight_smile:

Link = Dead

Did they move it somewhere else? :confused:

It works fine for me, so there must be something wrong on your end.

Perhaps you should clear your cache?

Teams appearing in news outlets is always awesome! Congrats to Chief Delphi!

You can see it on the main page of for a limited time, I would imagine…

Very nice. Congratulations Team 47!

The article talks about the great chapter in the book FIRST. Inspirational with a capital “I”. Congrats!

What a great article - thanks for being an inspiration to us all!

Really? I thought the capital I was 192’s 2006 robot in that book. :wink:

Congratulations, ChiefDelphi–that’s a great article!

Congratulations, that’s a great article.