Congratulations Chris Fultz!

Congratulations Chris Fultz from Cyber Blue 234 for winning the 2006 Woodie Flowers Award at the Arizona Regional! Chris is truely deserving of this as he has done so much for Cyber Blue 234, IRI, and the FIRST community! Chris is also the 2nd mentor on Cyber Blue 234 to win a regional Woodie Flowers award. Scott Ritchie won a WFA last year.

Congratulations again Chris!

Way to go Dad! Sorry I didn’t have my phone on me to get your message. I’m really proud of you!

Congratulations again!

What a day for Cyber Blue! A slew of awards and to top it off, another Woodie Flowers Award winner! You deserve it Chris and I’m glad to hear that you received it. Congratulations!

Congratutulations, Chris. I hope there were a lot of friends there to share this honor with you. I will have to do it from afar. I owe you a handshake in person at Championship. See you then.

Chris, congrats!!! This is certainly well deserved - enjoy every minute of it!
Maybe we could all read that wonderful essay over here :

Chris is an amazing guy. I can’t wait to see him next weekend if he goes to Boilermaker!

great job chris you definately deserve it

So does the Giant Scott Ritchie Head get to have some company at this year’s Boilermaker Regional?

:smiley: We’ll see…