Congratulations FRC 27 - First-ever Grand Slam Completed

The “Triple Crown” term has been in circulation for close to a decade, describing a team that wins Einstein, the Chairman’s Award, and has a Woodie Flowers Award winner. Someone pointed out that the Dean’s List Award is a big deal too, and shouldn’t be left out…and borrowing from professional wrestling, adding a title to a Triple Crown is usually known as a Grand Slam.

Well whaddya know, we’ve now got a team that has completed it: 27 is now the only team in FIRST with:

Chairman’s Award (2014)
Einstein (2018)
Woodie Flowers (Kyle Hughes, 2000)
Dean’s List (Camron Razdar, 2014)

Heck of a way to finish it off, too!

I think it’s also worth noting that 27 has a Championship Engineering Inspiration Award from 2017.

The Detroit CMP winning alliance features four teams with “27” in their numbers. Coincidence, or a celebration of Team RUSH? :wink:

Congratulations Clarkston, you inspire us all.