Congratulations Lucien Junkin: Woodie Flowers Award 2020

Huge congratulations to an amazing mentor, Lucien Junkin.

Lucien has been a part of my FRC career from my very first regional in 2003. I was so excited to get to announce him as the 2020 Woodie Flower Award recipient.

Lucien has been impacting educational robotics around the world for 24 years. The Robonauts have been one of the best teams in FRC for years and he is the foundation for that program. His passion for his students and building a better future is shown in everything he does. He has helped develop multiple robotics programs for elementary students and has been a driving force in getting Clear Creek ISD to have one of the best K-12 robotics education programs in the world.

Please join me in congratulating him today.
Allen Gregory


Congratulations! It is hard to overstate the importance of 118 in the community, from Everybot to resources 118 provides, thanks to Lucien! Very glad to see him able to hold the award even under these circumstances :slight_smile:


They say you can’t have it all, but a Woodie Flowers Award winning mentor with a lawn that looks like that? Incredible.

Congratulations! It’s nice to see some of the previous winners were able to get the trophy to him today.


Well deserved, I have been very fortunate to get to know him over the years and he continues to amaze me with the impact he has. Congrats!


Congratulations! 118 is one of the teams I look forward to seeing compete every year, and the people behind the team always seemed worthy of celebrating. It’s touching that the prior winners still managed to get the Mobius to him and celebrate responsibly :stuck_out_tongue:


Congratulations Lucien! Learning from you about “Come Check This Out moments” was a major turning point for me, and became a core part of our approach to the FRC challenge. Glad to see that you were able to accept the award!


Most mentors are here to play with robots and help kids. Lucien loves all that, but after you chat with him, you realize he has a much bigger purpose; he’s here to change the world.

Congratulations to someone who’s always looking at the big picture and who has inspired so many through his efforts, endeavours, and mentorship.


Congrats Lucien! Thank you for everything you and The Robonauts do for the community! Getting to see how you and 118 work in-person at the CT regional in 2012 changed the way I looked at the program, thank you for the endless inspiration and congrats on a well deserved award!


Here is the WFA announcement for those that didn’t get to watch this morning

And here is the script for the announcment

"The 2020 Woodie Flowers’ Award Receipt’s passion for robotics education is evident in everything he does. From founding his FRC team over two decades ago to helping develop multiple robotics programs for elementary students, this mentor strives to engage ALL students in engineering before stereotypes take hold. A FIRST regional and world championship volunteer of the year, and a citizen of the year in their local community, this mentor has inspired students near and far.

Knowing that “If you care for your players, everything else will take care of itself.” This mentor takes a personal interest in his students, emphasizing the core values of “Family>School>Robot.” He rallies students to speak their minds, debate respectfully, and take ownership of their team, leading them to be bolder communicators. With his unmatched enthusiasm and contagious intensity, his unique style of communication has ignited a passion for engineering within his students.

As a Chief Engineer for NASA, he has bridged FIRST with his career. He has established a space that countless teams use for practice and inspiration. His Robotics Academy provides internships for FIRST alumni to work on NASA projects, and he is an integral partner in NASA’s Robotics Alliance Project.

For 24 years, this mentor has been inspiring students across FRC, and I count myself among that group. I am honored to announce that the 2020 Championship Woodie Flowers Award recipient is Lucien Junkin from team 118 The Robonauts!"


Extremely deserving. Congrats Lucien!!!


Mason was just telling me last week about your WFFA win and first regional win in the same weekend! He was very proud to have written your original essay, and must feel really good about this.

Congratulations Lucien, well deserved!


Well earned Lucien!

I’m not sure I could count the number of things you and the Robonauts do that Pearadox has utilized in building our foundation. We’re thankful to have you local to us for insight, and even the indirect impact you’ve had from mentoring one of our mentors when she was a student. Having a team like Robonauts so close provides a lot of motivation for us to improve, and as a mentor I am constantly thinking about how you might solve (or have solved) problems we come across. We hope Pearadox can and will “grow the family” in the same way you have with the program you lead (which is so much more than “just” the Robonauts) and community impact you have for the past 24 years!


Lucien is a Chief Engineer for NASA.

Here are some the other projects he leads besides team 118 The Robonauts.


Back when I was a student on a team with no idea how to do anything remotely well, 118’s robots and team showed me what was possible in FIRST. Thank you Lucien for inspiring the world and congratulations on a well-deserved award.


Congratulations Lucien!


He had the first Championship conference I ever attended! Absolutely loved every word of it. Thanks for having a tremendous impact on 118 and FRC as a whole!


I was fortunate to start my FRC mentoring career under the guidance of Lucien Junkin back in 2005. I still learn something new from Lucien every time we meet. Thank you Lucien for everything you do for the FIRST community!


YMTC: Is Lucien deserving, yes or yes?

I remember him challenging us on borderline rules cases for years–he may have had as much influence on the rules as anybody else over the years from asking edge-case questions that were then dropped to Q&A and resolved. Congrats, Lucien!


Congrats Lucien, and very well deserved.