Congratulations Melissa Smith-First FIRST Alum on the BoD

Just wanted to give a huge congratulations to Melissa Smith who is the first FIRST alum to be elected to the FIRST Board of Directors! This is such a great step in the right direction for the Board, and it’s a shame I could only find a public announcement about it on LinkedIn, so let’s show Melissa some love here!


Congratulations Melissa! Having a former participant & current voulenteer on The Board is well overdue, this is fantastic!


Congratulations @mizscience!!! I met Melissa a couple of summers ago and she is the real deal. Her insights and experience will be a huge asset for the FIRST Board of Directors, and I’m certain she’ll be a strong advocate for the community.


What fantastic news! Congratulations to her! Like Saikiran said, a former participant and active volunteer makes for a fantastic advocate, especially one with knowledge of how things are, and what they could be. I hope this becomes a win not only for her, but for the entire organization!


This is great news!


Congrats to Melissa, she was fantastic to judge with this year, albeit online!


Anyone who knows Melissa knows she is a huge asset to the FIRST community. Glad to see someone who represents the community so well as part of the board of directors.


Congrats to Melissa and this, I think, is great news for FIRST as a whole. Having an alum and current volunteer to voice concerns about is really happening on the fields is important.

And I’ll echo all of the other comments in this thread - volunteering with Melissa is a treat and I’m glad to have that experience!


Awesome to hear about this direction. Thank you and congratulations to Melissa.

Don’t want to derail, but as an aside: It should also be noted that Don Bossi, past FIRST president has also been elected to the board.


As a Alum and volunteer myself I am incredibly happy with the news! I think she will be able to give a unique perspective in some topics!
Also her LinkdIn is impressive! A lot of experience coming to the table in a variety of fields :slight_smile:


I can’t remember when I first met Melissa but it has been a while. For those of you who have ever met her you know that she is totally invested in helping students and the future of FIRST. At a time when organizations desperately need knowledgeable leadership from someone who truly cares, we are getting one of the best. I am looking forward to the FIRST organization continuing to provide for students with Melissa’s help. I would be honored to help if she needs my assistance. Congrats Mellisa!


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