Congratulations Miami Valley Winners!

Congrats to 4085, 48 and 2451 for their Miami Valley Win! Great game play.

Congratulations 48 for your Engineering Inspiration Award!

3324 won a very well deserved Chairman’s Award! Congratulations!

Congratulations to the winning and finalist alliances. Well played and well deserved wins!

The alliances were all strong and balanced - every elimination round except 1 went to 3 matches.

We enjoyed the interaction and involvement of team 6384 from Turkey. What an awesome group of people!

We were excited to compete with so many great teams through the weekend and thank Team 144 for selecting us and 337 for their alliance.

Good luck to all of the teams and as the season progresses.

3224, sponsored by Buckey Dougnuts :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job guys!
Our matches against your alliance was exciting, and you gave us some great finals matches as well.

Cheering with Technical Difficulties during the eliminations was the best. 4085 must throw the best parties.

The best part of the night for me was when 4085 started cheering during the Chairman’s Award announcement, at first I thought they had won it, only to realize they were cheering for us!

The Chairman’s win by 3324 is very well deserved. As for 4085, they probably do have the best parties. Last year at Buckeye they moved over to sit with us and cheer for us for the semi-finals and finals. They are a team that really gets the spirit of FIRST.

Gotta stop typing on my phone. Actually yesterday I REALLY missed last year’s graduated seniors, because I had to do all of the social media stuff myself. Gotta train some kids for next season.

Due to a typo, it actually says “Buckey Dougnuts” on the back of our shirts.

Great sponsors though. Who doesn’t like doughnuts?

Thanks, Greg! It was an emotional, roller-coaster type day. Losing the first match and winning the next two in every elimination round ratcheted up the intensity.

Thanks to the event staff and volunteers for an overall great experience at Wittenberg, and thanks to all participating teams for bringing their A-games this early in the season. For those competing later on, I expect even bigger and better things!

Thank all of you for your congratulations and for a fierce competition. I’ve been around FIRST for a long time, but this was my first regional a the Lead Mentor and Drive Coach for Team 48. This will not be a regional I soon forget. Thanks to our alliance partners 2451, and 4085 for a great run through the eliminations rounds.

Travis, it was almost like old times getting pushed around by 48’s defense. I think it was 2006 when we were getting pushed around by you that my team really started to appreciate the value of defense.

We went into the playoffs feeling good about strategy, and had to run up against the other alliance that recognized “3 and D” was the way to go. I was really happy with the Ohio team play. I feel like in the last few years more Ohio teams have become consistent elimination/playoff round participants and real contenders at the competitions we have attended.

Metro and our team have been pretty close for a few years now and we like cheering for our friends!
Once we realized that your team has won we started flipping out! Seeing you guys crying and hugging each other was amazing and we can’t wait to see you guys at St. Louis!

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When we where knocked out in the semi-finals we instantly where looking for another cori team to cheer for as we love cheering for our friends!
Thank you so much! It means a lot to hear you say that! For the past three years I have always wanted us to be the loudest and friendliest team and I feel we are on the right track!

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As for the parties they are pretty great if I do say so myself! :joy:

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Sounds like it was a great event and some really tough competition! Congrats to all the winners.

We’re so bummed we missed out and can’t wait to be back with our Ohio friends at the Buckeye Regional!

Thank you so much! That was the second time in 4085’s six year history we have made it to finals and the first time we have won! It was amazing to finally get a chance to play with 48 after all these years as well as team 2451.
All of the matches where so amazing to watch! Everyone did so well and we where all so happy to be a part of such an amazing competition and alliance.
Can’t wait for buckeye!

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Thanks Greg! The team, school, parents… really the whole Berg is thrilled with the win. We are grateful to team 48 and 2451 for the invitation.

We can’t wait to compete with you this weekend!