Congratulations Miami Valley Winners!



You guys did a great job, and I would gladly work with you again. Just remember when things are going wrong, keep a cool head and don’t be afraid to ask for help. We cannot be the best we can without our friends and teammates. We would have been knocked out if the Robocats (379) wouldn’t have lent us their batteries and charging cart. Even the most recognized teams in FIRST need help from their friends It’s all about coopertition. Good luck with the rest of your season.[/quote]


You guys did a great job for us - some clutch climbing in the most-needed situations. Great gear running. Effective obstructive defense. And for as much flak as people give mecanum drivetrains, you drove the snot out of that thing. Very fast and nimble driving. You were an invaluable part of the alliance’s victory, and I wish you well at ramping it up even more at Buckeye! See you in St. Louis and (presumably) at the WOW Championship.


Just curious, did anyone find a set of car keys at Miami Valley? I may have lost mine there (fortunately my wife drove us Saturday, but I may have had my keys in my pocket and they slipped out). The only distinguishing thing is a NASA robot keychain with the legs broken off that looks like this: