Congratulations Team 2614!

Congratulations to the 2017 St. Louis Chairmans Award winners, 2614, MARS!

Your program is an inspiration to everyone - beautiful and functional robots and one of the world’s strongest outreach plans I’ve ever heard of.

Congratulations MARS! Well deserved.


Grats to 2614!

Who were the other 2 finalists?

1885 and 2169

1885 ILITE Robotics (They’ve had 7 RCA/DCA’s before) and 2169 KING TeC

Congrats to 2614! You guys have an incredible program and are fully deserving of this award.

Also, congrats to finalist 1885 and 2169!


I remember watching their video well before our first competition, and thinking what an incredible Chairman’s program they brought to the table. No surprise to see a well-deserved win!

Congrats! We were rooting for you

Congrats!!! I was rooting for you for chairmans, and also during Daly playoffs!

Congratulations MARS. WVROX was amazing last year! Your help desk at the Greater Pittsburgh Regional was very helpful. You are a very deserving team. Cannot wait to see you next week in MARS!

Congrats 2614! You guys are always an awesome team to work with, and I can’t think of a more deserving team to join the Hall of Fame.

A huge congratulations to MARS! We scouted with you for our division and you were the coolest people. You’ve done so much in their region and outside of it, you’re really admirable and so deserved this.

Congratulations to MARS! So well deserved.

Welcome to the FIRST Hall of Fame!

Congratulations to MARS! As soon as your were announced as a finalist we were rooting for you! I’ve looked into your program quite a bit and am blown away by all the amazing things that you do. You have certainly earned this and thank you for being such a great inspiration for 1111

MARS is so grateful for the outpouring of support from all our friends in FIRST. It has been an honor to work with each and every one of you. We are already looking forward to seeing everyone again soon and thanking you in person.

Many congratulations coming from 2169! 2614 is truly a deserving team. That is one of the positives of 2Champs: two outstanding teams get to be recognized for their outreach and inspirational efforts each year.

Have fun in the hall of fame, you earned it.

Congrats MARS :smiley:

Well deserved - an amazing program and awesome video.

Congrats to MARS. We (unintentionally) ended up sitting with you guys during Einstein and watching the video and speaking to you all it is well earned and deserved. Congratulations once again, welcome to FIRST immortality.