Congratulations Team 2834, Bionic Black Hawks on CCA!

Seriously! Your essay and video are incredibly inspiring, and it’s so incredibly cool to see the FIRST CCA in Detroit go to a local team! Awesome to see you guys join the Hall of Fame!

Congratulations and welcome to the Hall of Fame !!

Congrats! You were not only a great alliance partner with a wonderful robot, your whole team was super nice and friendly. Glad to see you win the Hall of Fame!

Hopefully we see you again next year!

I am speechless. What an honor! I was with my son Jason when we heard the good news today. He started the team 10 years ago. I think he was in the chairman’s video and was mentioned in the essay or presentation. So many 2834 alumni had contributed to the team’s success. Andy had done a great job leading the team in the last few years. I wish I was there to celebrate with them.

Congratulations to 2834!

Is your Chairman’s video posted anywhere?

Amazing job. Amazing team.

Your team is so incredibly deserving of this award. You help so many teams! All-girls event – enough said! Our team has always enjoyed playing with you and your students and mentors are world class!! Way to go!

Major congrats 2834, after seeing you guys win at districts and MSC time and time again, it’s nice to see you get the world recognition you truly deserve.

It appears their Chairman’s winning submission from MSC is posted here:

The Bionic Black Hawks Team 2834 are truly humbled by the Chairman’s Award recognition received yesterday in Detroit. We will do our best to live up to standard that has been set by the many teams that do great work in support of FIRST Robotics.

It was honor enough to have been mentioned as finalists along with Team 1816 “The Green Machine” and Team 2220 Blue Twilight. These are two outstanding teams that have made enormous positive impact in their communities, state, and beyond.

Our team has been in existence 10 years, and has received the gracious and unconditional support of so many, it is overwhelming. I can’t imagine how to thank everyone appropriately. Our FIRST in Michigan community of teams has always been there for us, and for one another.

I do wish to mention our team founders, Dr. Ed Law and his son Jason. It was Ed who established the 2834 core value that a richer experience could be gained for our students by trying to make a difference in the greater FIRST effort. Ed also identified the importance of implementing the full progression of programs to help include and involve as many students in our community in the FIRST experience.

Andrew Raine – Coach, Team 2834

Congratulations. Very much deserved.

Agree with all the comments above. Congratulations to your team!

As a mentor who only in the past two years has helped our team with Chairman’s, it is inspiring to see what other teams are doing.

A recognition well deserved!

Loved to see another fellow MI team in the Hall of Fame. Congrats guys. Was great to see you on Darwin during Champs!

Now that I have a bit longer. I am really glad in their video that they talked about how the team started. Ed & Jason were incredibly passionate, but also incredibly pragmatic. They reached out to the community early on to learn as much as possible and asked for and accepted help. Several teams showed them the fundamentals, and they were clever and built within their means the first few years before trying to stretch. It is important to warm up before stretching so that you don’t tear something.

If you look at the teams approach from 2009 forward, you will notice continuous improvement (even though it might look like a step backwards some years). You will also notice that they were intentional in those improvements. From my dealings, I would say a lot of that methodology came from Ed Law and his approach, and the team reflecting that approach/attitude.
Some teams burn bright, and eventually burn out. This one seems to be an engine that each year is rebuilt with a little more power, and a little more performance.

If you are a rookie team trying to figure out a plan to get to the next level, or a team that never seems to know how to get it together, study these folks.

Welcome to the Hall of Fame! We can’t wait to work with you in the future and see the amazing things to come!

Thank you Isaac for your kind words. When we were a young team, we were very fortunate to have teams like 27, 33, 67, 217 and 469 mentor us. I learned a lot from them and from others who posted on CD about many topics. As coach and mentor of a rookie team, I realized that the things that RASA and Chairman’s Award look for in a team correlates very well with building a sustainable and successful team. That is why we decided to have in our long term plan to pursue Chairman’s Award because it would be good for our team whether we win it or not. The Michigan teams that inspired us the most for Chairman’s are 27, 33, 67, 68 and 503. We try to emulate what they do as much as we can.

I have offered to share what I learned with the Northern California bay area (peninsula) teams for the last two years. A few teams showed some interest but I have yet to meet with any team.

Perhaps somebody had already said this before. Chairman’s is not a sprint. It is a marathon and running a marathon is very tactical.

Congrats so much! You guys do so much for FIRST and spreading it’s values to all corners of the world. I remember watching your video at Gibraltar and it was incredible!