Congratulations team 4653, you just broke the game (Q343)


Both alliances get a ranking point, then all 6 robots get a red card.


If that’s not true now, it will be soon


I saw this mentioned on CD at the very beginning of the season. It also works for the Hab ranking point. I didn’t know how to phrase the Q&A question in a way that wouldn’t potentially reflect poorly on me or my team.



its almost like C1 exists…

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I feel like that’s a stretch for this rule. It doesn’t feel particular “egregious” to me. I’d rather see them ban it outright.

If youre going out of your way to break it, C1 is gonna get called fast.

Maybe C3/4 too, if C1 isint enough. C8 too if you need more!

C8 doesn’t apply because both alliances benefit. C3/C4 don’t apply because no team is “throwing” a match or “playing beneath their ability”; both alliances are pursuing a mutually beneficial strategy to place well in the tournament. I understand that C1 and the explanation of the penalties section gives refs discretion to make determinations regarding this, but why leave it up to discretion. All that’s needed is a blue box beneath C3/C4 saying “this includes strategies involving coordinating with the other alliance to break rules”.


I think it’s more likely that they add a new rule, since the intention of each of the former rules is to prevent harm to a team from plotting by others. Coordinating mutually beneficial rule breaking seems to be a different thing entirely.

C8 ill concede on, but if you expect your local head ref to not call this under one of the other 3 under current rules, youre in for a rude surprise.


I totally expect referees to call this. I wouldn’t want to be associated with a team that would exploit this. I just think unambiguous language is best, to ensure that referees call this and team’s won’t exploit it.


This is sounding like a comeback of the noodle agreement…


I’m out of the loop… What exactly did they do?

Its been answered. I, personally, was hoping for a little more guidance.

Q343 ROCKET Ranking Points from coopertition

With regard to G5 and Q289, if, in the spirit of coopertition, two robots on opposing alliances each descore a game piece from the opposing alliance, would both alliances accrue a foul and be guaranteed a complete ROCKET ranking point?


We cannot comment absolutely on hypothetical scenarios. The ultimate decision would be determined by the REFEREES at your event, with the final call made by the Head REFEREE. It’s highly likely that one or both ALLIANCES will be carefully scrutinized for C1, C3, C4, and/or G8 violations, among others.


Sounds like there’s a coopertition bonus here haha

Descoring sounds hard - wouldn’t it be way easier and less obviously egregious to use G16 to do this in the last 20 seconds?

I’m totally digging it. I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.

We had a lengthy discussion last year, and the GDC reflection on it in this year’s rules, by changing the severity of some of the rules.
They don’t see it as cheating but taking full advantage of the rules.

Is their video?