Congratulations Team #47

Posted by Ray Nordmeyer.

Engineer on team #303, Vulgens Heroes, from Midland/BridgewaterRaritanHighSchool and Bihler of America.

Posted on 3/24/2000 8:46 AM MST

Congratulations Team #47.
No matter what other people feel about your robot, I think that it is an amazing machine. As an engineer with team #303 and knowing the thought process in deciding what game challenges to tackle and what to leave alone, I think it is an example to all other teams of what can be acheived.
You could hand feed, pick-up ground balls, place 6 balls at a time into the goal, remove 6 balls at a time from the goal (and still be able to hold those balls to place into your own goal). Plus incorporate a unique sideways motion.
For me, I think that your robot raises the standard for next year.