Congratulations teams 111, 67, 971

Congratulations to teams 111, 67, and 971 for being the 2009 FIRST Robotics Competition Champions!

Also, congrats to the finalists, 247, 217, and 68. You guys had a great run.

Nice job to all!

Congrats 67, 111 and 971! You guys were amazing together!

Congratulations to all especially the HOT team.

Seriously 75+ wins in a season!?! :eek:

Everyone played great.

If you think about it, this kinda also answers the shooters vs. dumpers question.

Dumpers. :D.

67 and 111 both join the club for those who have 2+ Championship wins. That’s NOT easy!

67 also becomes the first team to have 2 Championship banners and the Championship Chairman’s Award. That’s even harder.

Congratulations to all the teams on Einstein for making it there! (Especially to 2753, the first ROOKIE on Einstein in many, many years.)

I’ll remember that for next years game.

Water anyone? :stuck_out_tongue:

But Wildstang also had one championship win with the championship chairman’s award.

That’s right… 2 teams on the winning alliance have Chairmans and 2 championships now…

Really, really impressive!

if only this revelation were made in january!

I forgot about that…

111 Won the Championship Chairman’s Award in 2006
67 Won the Championship Chairman’s Award in 2005

111 Won Championship in 2003
67 Won Championship in 2005

Both teams now have 2 Championship wins and Championship Chairman’s

EDIT: Wow I am slow…

And. Congratulations 111,67,971

Pretty nice to have two Einstein finalists come from Midwest Regional

so much for leveling the playing field.

Congratulations! I don’t know how 971 lasted that long in the alliance selections, but once I saw that alliance I knew you guys were set to win Galileo and Einstein! This was such a well-deserved victory for all of you, I’m glad to see that it happened.

I was surprised as well. Immediately it didn’t click for me that 971 was available.

But when they called the team, i knew it was it.

Simply amazing alliance.

111 you guys were amazing all weekend long and were the best team i saw in all the divisions this weekend with my 4 computer setup at home. you guys earned the championship and your drivers did one hell of a job.

:] we were un defeated as well. has any one else done that?

Congratulations 111, 67, & 971 that was an amazing run!

Congratulations to HOT on 5 event wins this season, simply amazing.

and contrats to Wildstang on an undefeated Championship win.

Does anyone know the winner or the ASME Auxillary scholarship???

It was supposed to be announced at the championship event.

truly Great alliance. you guys play well. looking over the Galileo eliminations 111 got 100+ points in every match they were in except 1 where they got 99 amazing