Congratulations to 1241, 1477, and 610- 2013 World Champions!

Congratulations to 1241, 1477 and 610 from Galileo division!

When you guys are at one hundred percent in autonomous and teleoperation, there was absolutely no stopping you at all.

It’s an amazing feeling to come home not being able to see the championships and seeing one of the guys who taught you most everything you know win the title of World Champion. Congrats Nick Lawrence, the rest of 610, 1477, and 1241! You guys definitely deserve the title.

GOO Canada!!! 610 and 1241

Huge congrats to 1241, 610, and especially 1477. It’s been one heck of a rollercoaster year for 1477 and it’s great to see them end it on such a high note. And especially great to see them bringing that kind of hardware back to Texas. I’m expecting a shrine at the Fall Remix this year, guys. Erm, and maybe give the robot a rest at the Remix since you’ve worked it so hard this year? (Seriously, that robot has to have three seasons worth of hours on it by this point.)

Congratulations to 1241, 610, and especially 1477!!! 1477 has had excellent robots over the past several years and overcame some obstacles this year just to make it to St Louis. You guys are a top notch team and I’m so glad all your hard work has paid off with a World Championship.:smiley:


1241,610,1477 What can I say…AWESOME work…your alliance deserves a hearty round of applause. Congratz to the three of you. Well done.

Huge congrats are definitely in order to 1241, 1477, and 610 - you guys were truly exceptional!

We really enjoyed 610 coming down to New Hampshire to play at the Granite State Regional… we definitely were not expecting to meet again on Einstein! You guys are a class act with a great robot!

1241, I do not know much about your team from this year… I do specifically recall working with you in 2011 on Curie in qualifications - I was very impressed! You guys are great at making the most of all your resources at the event to do your best to win the match!

1477… I know little about your team and have rubbed shoulders… but I’ve watched from New England as you guys become a Texas powerhouse to match any other!

1477, goes to 4th regional to qualify for Championship.

Goes to championship, wins Championship.

Well played.

Also, 610/1241 are no joke. Awesome play by both machines and excellent play by the whole alliance. Definitely some of the best final matches in a LONG time.

Congratulations to all three on the alliance - brilliant play throughout the whole event’s eliminations, taking every match to a rubber and then winning it all! I don’t know too much about the Canadian teams, but after playing with 1477 in two regionals this year and in several years past, I’m glad their dedication and hard work paid off.

Also, now 1477 doesn’t have to fret about qualifying for Championship next year like they did this year.

Great Job Galileo Alliance! Congrats from 842! We would have love to been on Einstein, but having you three win the world title is the next best thing. At lease we can say we lost to the best! Special thanks to 610 for the kind friendship they shared since coming to AZ regional where we were partnered up with them for the win! Hope to compete as partners again maybe next year on Einstein!

I was standing right next to them - figured I’d make myself useful. :slight_smile:

Never give up…never surrender! Huge congratulations to Teams 1241, 1477, and 610 - it was a privilege being a point-blank witness to your awesome, gritty, determined, tenacious, resilient, professional, insert superlative here accomplishment, from the beginning of divisional eliminations to the final match buzzer on Einstein!

I see a few posts saying “Don’t know much about 1241”.

I know a thing or two about them… they are one of the reasons our team was able to get started in FRC when they offered to billet us for GTR back in 2004. We were both rookies, but they were the Rookie All-Star and had a uniquely effective machine.

They are one of the many Ontario teams (as is 610) that while well-known in Canada, are perhaps less well-known across FRC than 1114 and 2056.

But I guess they are a bit more well-known now… and I should add that they are just as awesome off the field as on.

Congratulations 1241 (and 610 and 1477)… what a way to cap a decade of hard work!


Storm Robotics 2729 had the pleasure of playing with 610 in one of our qualification matches. What a great group of people to work with, always keeping their cool and professionalism throughout. I’m very happy for you!

We didn’t have the chance to work with 1477 and 1241 but recognize their dedication to excellence from my observations in the pit and on the field. Job well done to all!


This is directed at 610, 1241 and 1477.

First of all, I have to commend every robot on the 610/1241/1477 alliance for having incredible robots. 610 is so fast when they were shooting, 1241 improved so much by the time they reached champs—and they were one of the best teams in a powerful year for Canada at the start. 1477’s 7-disc autonomous and extra support as a shooter proved incredibly valuable for the alliance.

So we’re getting into the alliance selections, and I notice that 1241 picks 610 and 1477 as their teammates. While I knew that would be an impressive combo that could make it far against any of the other alliances, I didn’t think they could beat the heavily favoured powerhouse alliance of 1114, 118 and 4039. I’m not alone in thinking that they’d run away with the Galileo win.

When I went over to Einstein to sit down, I noticed that Mr. Lim was walking around. Puzzled, I kept looking around for 1114. Then I saw 610, 1241 and 1477, and I figured “Boy, was I ever wrong”.

When you guys had supposedly lost in the 2nd match on Einstein, myself and a couple of other 781ers got a little down at the results. With all due respect for the other alliance, I really wanted Canada to win. When the news was released that they had actually WON the match, the same 781ers and I exploded. I felt really, really good and I wanted to see you guys win.

With your absolutely insane disc scores (around 220 or so was a common trend, it seemed) and consistent 10-10-10 climbing, I figured it would be a very interesting finals. I had actually predicted that 469 and 33 would win it all, considering how powerful they were in Archimedes (I even predicted 469 winning it all with either 254 or 987 from the start). They’re both teams I respect to a very high level and I was cheering for them when they weren’t playing against 610/1241/1477 (sorry, a little Canadian pride here).

So when it went to 3 matches for the first time in… who knows how long it’s been, I found myself cheering more than I had ever cheered before, hoped more than I had ever hoped before (with the possible exception of my team in the 2011 World Finals). More cheering and hoping than I had for us getting picked by a team. Even more than my hockey team, the Montreal Canadiens.

Then you did it all. 610 and 1241—along with 188 and 2056—I believe to be the Canadian teams most deserving of a championship than anyone besides 1114. I am still feeling a buzz from the happiness I felt at your win.

This whole wildcard system is going to be amazing for this kind of thing happening in the future. While you both made it for other reasons, I believe this will open up a lot more appearances at Champs for teams like you guys, 1310 (who was absolutely amazing, I loved watching them in every match) and 188 (fingers crossed!). Not only that, but you’ve proven that the abilities of the elite tier just below 1114 and 2056 can accomplish so much—enough that regionals won’t be completely dominated by those two anymore.

610 and 1241, congratulations on being the first ever multi-Canadian alliance to win Champs, congrats to winning your first championships and congrats to being the 3rd and 4th Canadians to win.

Congratulations to all the winners of this year’s 2013 Championship: 1241, 1477, and 610. It was great watching you play!

1421 Team Chaos wants to give a big SHOUT OUT to 1477 Texas Torque!!! We are so EXCITED for you guys!!!

congrats 610, 1241 and 1477. Its good to know that when we lost in the Galileo finals we lost to the world champs

Congratulations to 1241, 1477, and 610 on their World Championship victory. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen them in person but both 610 and 1241 were awesome teams to meet when they have come down to the Arizona regional in the past. Canada is becoming very powerful in FRC and hopefully this win can make everyone in the states know that it goes beyond the members of last year’s Eh team. I don’t know 1477 as well but I hear their name often enough to know they are doing some stuff right down in Texas.

So when is the Canada district happening? MSC could get a run for its money soon.

Congratulation to 1241,1477, And 610. You were a great alliance and I am at least gave the World Champs a run in our division. Also thank you for proving that my prediction of the type of alliance that would win it all was correct.