Congratulations to 1868 and 971

On behalf of Team 254, I would like to congratulate Team 1868 and Team 971 for a very successful weekend at the Sacramento Regional. Team 1868 won their second regional chairman’s award this weekend, and Team 971 won the tournament.

Its very nice to see our robotics family competing against each other. We’re sure to have a lot of fun at the Silicon Valley Regional.

CONGRATULATIONS! 971 rightfully earned their win, and 1868 was long overdue for another regional chairmans! It is a pleasure to be able to compete with these legendary teams in the Silicon Valley regional in 12 days!

Thank you! 971 has benefited greatly from the generosity of the Cheesy Poofs, Space Cookies and NASA. We are certainly looking forward to SVR, after we make a few tweaks to the robot.