Congratulations to 2018 FRC Chairman's Award Winner Team 1311 Kell Robotics

This is well deserved. You’ve been at this so long and have made such a great impression in your state and worldwide.

Congratulations to all present and past members to have contributed!

Seriously, congratulations Kell Robotics. I got the chance to talk to some of you all at Champs in 2016 and came away feeling like you all were going to get on the big clock sooner or later. I’m glad it was sooner!

Congratulations 1311! Welcome to the Hall of Fame!

We had a match with 1311 and they were a super nice team to work with. I personally didn’t know them before this event but I came away knowing that they definitely deserved it. Congratulations guys!

Really impressed by that Chairman’s video. Congratulations to 1311 and all you have accomplished.

I’m not sure I’ve ever actually spoken more than a few words to anyone that’s a part of 1311 but I’ve been on the Kell should be in HOF bandwagon for some time now. So much of their work, presentations and videos have inspired me throughout the years. Congrats 1311 well deserved!

They published this video series in 2010 and honestly it’s still amazing 8 years later, go watch these if you want to inspired to keep working towards the bigger mission.

Super congratulations to Kell Robotics! Ed and his team has done increadible things to advance STEAM education and teacheR training to Georgia. Again congratulations!

I know Coach Norm and the team (and I) have been huge fans of Kell for years now. Congratulations!

This is the feeling I got after chatting with them in 2010. This honour is long overdue. Thank you to Kell Robotics for being a purveyor of culture change and true role model for FIRST teams to emulate. Welcome to the Hall of Fame. :slight_smile:

Congrats to FRC 1311 Kell Robotics and Ed Barker on the 2018 Championships Chairman’s selection.

The first time, I encountered Kell Robotics in person was in 2014 at the Bayou Regional followed up by Curie Division at Champs. They were fun to work with and against in both of those tournaments. It was apparent then they were a team to look to for inspiration in terms of Chairman’s since they had five Chairman’s under their belts.

10 Chairman’s awards is obviously proof they are a culture changing model team for FIRST Robotics. Ed Barker has done an amazing job in leading this team to the Hall of Fame.

I would like to echo Allen Gregory’s comment about the videos published back in 2010. If you have not checked them out, give them a look. See Allen’s post above.

Ed and Kell Robotics have worked hard on a platform to change culture in schools, communities and sponsors.

My first experience with team 1311 was back in 2013, my team’s rookie year. I meet one of their team members at the Peachtree Regional at a WIT luncheon and we pretty quickly became friends. That year, I went to champs as a DLF without my team, and all of 1311 embraced me with open arms as one of their own.

As a second year team, we still had next to no idea what we were doing. The summer after our rookie year, Kell opened their doors to us and did several training sessions with us on topics such as programming and electronics. After the season started, we had decided to use pneumatics but had no clue what we were doing. Students from Kell Skyped with us for multiple days in a row to walk us through what we needed to do to make our system legal and functioning, and helped us at our first event when we ran into issues.

For years now, 1311 has had Novelis as a sheet metal sponsor, and has used KSU’s facilities to waterjet and form their robots. What most people outside of Georgia do not know is that Kell worked with Novelis three years back to expand that sponsorship to every single team in Georgia! Yes you read that correctly. Every team in Georgia gets free sheet metal and waterjetting services thanks to team 1311.

While I have many many more stories about Kell Robotics, what I really came here to say is thank you for all that you have done for me and FIRST! It’s about time you got recognized for all of your efforts! Congratulations to all past and current members on your amazing program and joining the Hall of Fame!!!

<3 Kristin

Congratulations 1311, welcome to the Hall of Fame! Well-deserved.

Congrats to 1311 !!!
I have been really impressed with Kell’s presentations and outreach activities over the years !

The Kell website is a terrific resource for teams to learn more about their program. I especially enjoy their outreach list page.

We do not have enough words to properly thank you for the congratulations and support for our team and efforts. So we will simply say Thank You!!!

It has been a long hard road to get here. Over the past 15 years, we have attended 38 FIRST Robotics Competitions, given 26 Chairman’s presentations, and was eventually selected to represent FIRST, becoming the 28th HOF team.

It took a record-tying, 10 Regional Chairman’s to get here. As difficult and trying as that journey was, it has made us a better team, and more importantly focused us on addressing one of the most important issues in education today, how do we create teachers, in a big way, that can help advance students in STEM endeavors. We hope that one day, every STEM teacher, even every teacher, will be FIRST alumni.

So what does this mean? I have been on the team 13 years. and I’m looking at staying on the team, maybe another 13 years as we continue to pursue the work that brought us here.

There is more to come, a lot more to come!!!

Thank You, We are Kell Robotics, and We Are FIRST