Congratulations to 217, 67, 3095 and 3119

T3 send its congratulations to the Troy District winning aliance Teams 217, 67, 3095 and 3119. It was a well deserved win. We hope to see you all at the Michigan Championship.

Thank you! It was hard to look across the glass and see our good friends and fellow district champions over there.

68, 302, and 1596 were all incredible finalists, they gave our alliance a great challenge.

67 is looking forward to the MI State Championship this week. I hope we get a chance to compete with T3 in at least one match this weekend.

Ditto congratulations to 217, 67, 3095 and 3119 from Team 302 ‘The Dragons’. We felt we did the best we could at Troy and were proud of our accomplishments to get to the Finals - Many Thanks goes to our Alliance Partners - Teams 68 “T3” and 1596 “The Instigators”!!!

I wish we could watch a one on one match between 217 and 67. Your robots and your teams are a fun to watch and a great example all others in FRC. I hope we can give you a tougher match at States.

3119 thanks 67, 217 and 3095 for the opportunity to play “with the Big Boys” in the Big Leagues!