Congratulations to 254, 469, 2848 and 74 - 2014 World Champions!

Let’s have a special round of applause for Aerial Assist’s FRC 2014 Championship winners from the Curie divsion (finally!) :

  • 254 (The Cheesy Poofs)
  • 469 (Las Guerrillas)
  • 2848 (The All Sparks)
  • 74 (C.H.A.O.S.)

As well as for the Championship finalists from the Newton division :

  • 1678 (Citrus Circuits)
  • 1114 (Simbotics)
  • 1640 (Sabotage)
  • 5136 (Mechapirates)

And let’s not forget to congratulate every single team that participated in this year’s challenge. You are all winners in the eyes of FIRST, whether you went home with a blue banner, a trophy, a medal or nothing at all. Give yourselves a big pat on the back because in the end, the real prize in this is all the fun and experience you have gained this year and nothing can compare to that!

Best finals since 2010, for sure. I wasn’t even emotionally invested and i lost my voice.

I would have to agree with you on that one.

It was an amazing final match to my final season as a student. I will never forget this year. And the biggest shoutout to 5136. All of 2637 was rooting you guys on and I guarantee you will be world champs soon enough. I have never seen a rookie team work as hard as you guys and I hope EVERY team in FRC learns from you guys. I will always remember our alliance at CVR. I’m glad you guys didn’t lose hope.



Absolutely beast einstein’s finals. Really exciting match-up. Personally I imagined that it would be the end of 254 once 1114’s kinect blocker took out their auto in the second match, however 254’s autonomous change of direction and the help in auto by their teammate was amazing, the crowd went absolutely crazy. Although arguably the game wasn’t the best this year, these finals were probably the most exciting since 2010.
Congrats to both sides.

Although it wasn’t on Einstein, the Archimedes 2012 division finals between alliances 1114, 2056, 4334 and 67, 2826, 4143 were the most exciting and memorable championship elimination matches for me.

I still am in awe over that. I couldn’t believe that actually happened. Absolutely incredible. Can we call name that move the robotic EJ Shuffle?

Nick did call it.

I still think of this as the real Einstein of 2012.

Fantastic matches, it was really awesome to see such amazing teams battle it out. Congratulations to all! Thanks for showing us how Arial Assist should be played.

Since it has been 9 years since my last trip to Championships, could someone please explain why elimination alliances have 4 teams now?

Congratulations to all 400 teams on their success on making it to Championships

Congrats to 254, 469, 2848, and 74 for breaking the Curie Curse and become the 2014 World Champions

Congrats to Team RUSH (27) for winning the 2014 Chairman’s Award

Congrats to 1678, 1114, 1640 and 5136 for being finalists on Einstein

Also, a congrats goes out to our alliance at the Finger Lakes Regional, 340 and 3015, who made it to quarterfinals in their divisions and 340 won the spirit award

Lastly, congrats to a couple teams which we have also played with this year: 20 (Quarterfinals), 341 (Division Finalists), 1511 (Quarterfinals)

At the Championship, there is no provision for backup teams. This means that if a robot on an alliance breaks, the alliance is left with two functional robots. This year is the first year that FIRST has introduced 4-team alliances. Picture this :

Four (4) Teams, A, B, C and D, form an ALLIANCE going into the Elimination MATCHES on their Division FIELD. During one of the Elimination MATCHES, Team C’s ROBOT becomes inoperable. The ALLIANCE decides to bring in Team D to replace Team C. Team C repairs their ROBOT and may play in any subsequent Elimination MATCHES replacing Teams A, B, or D. All four (4) ALLIANCE members are also eligible to play MATCHES on the Einstein FIELD should the ALLIANCE win the Division Tournament.

I think this makes it pretty clear to understand.

Wow. All I can say is wow.

Huge congratulations all around. Seeing the resilience of this alliance up close and personal this weekend was phenomenal. You guys got backed into a corner several times this weekend and simply just kept doing your thing. Goalie pole against you in auto? You drove around. Being pushed away from the goals? You shot over them and made it. Getting shoved around while trussing? Truss anyways.

Congratulations guys, you get to be forever remembered as the alliance that #brokethecurse.


Those were the most amazing finals I think I have ever seen. That last match was so close, and showed that this game is absolutely incredible when played at the highest level.

Congratulations 254, 469, 2848 and 74. Well deserved win.

It’s so sad that there are so many people who overlook that fact…

Sounds good to me, thanks for answering so quickly :smiley:

Congratulations, guys! Your alliance is completely incredible. We still can’t believe we were even playing the final match of 2014 with Cheesy Poofs, Las Guerrillas, Simbotics, and Circuits. Congratulations, again, you’re amazing!

I remember showing my kids the ‘0 to 65’ reveal back when it came out, and our jaws just dropped. To think that we were playing against that, with and against the truly best teams in the world, on the biggest stage, is utterly awe inspiring. Congratulations, but more importantly, thank you. Thank you.

And Jared, thanks. Apparently I just can’t handle going a full season without losing to you, no matter how far away I get!

No problem, I was glad to be of assistance! :stuck_out_tongue: (get it?)

The finals were amazing. Even though we did not win anything at the championships we enjoyed the experience of being in St.Louis for this great event in our first year as a team. We really liked the 4-team alliances they should continue that for districts and regional’s.